Month: February 1983

Notice concerning Implementing the “Provisional Audio and Video Product Management Regulations”

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4 February 1983

Ministry of Radio and Television, State Administration of Industry and Commerce

All provincial, municipal and autonomous region broadcast undertaking bureaus, industry and commerce management bureaus

The Ministry of Radio and Television formulated the “Provisional Audio and Video Product Management Regulations”, which have been approved in principle by the State Council, notified as document GF No. [1982]154 on 23 December 1982, and issued to all provincial, autonomous region and municipal People’s Governments. Audiovisual products are different from normal entertainment products, they are audiovisual publications with ideological content, and have a direct influence on the construction of a Socialist spiritual civilization. At present, activities of wilful duplication, sale and illegal  peddling of audiovisual products still exist in society. According to the relevant requirements of the “Provisional Regulations”, all localities’ broadcast undertaking bureaus and administrative industry and commerce management departments must closely cooperate, strengthen management and rectification of the production and sale of audiovisual products. To this end, the following is notified: Read the rest of this entry »