Outline of the Report concerning Radio and Television Work

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[Notice: this Report is currently not publicly available – this is a translation of a People’s Daily article which describes the content of the report in question]

CCP Central Committee Approves and Issues Ministry of Radio and Television Party Group Report – Requires all levels’ Party Committees to Strengthen and Improve Leadership over Radio and Television Work

The CCP Central Committee recently issued a notice, in which it endorsed the Ministry of Radio and Television Party Group’s “Report Outline concerning Radio and Television Work”, which requires all levels’ Party Committees to strengthen and improve leadership over radio and television work, develop and run the radio and television undertaking well.

The CCP Central Committee Notice stressed that, radio and television are the strongest modern tools to educate and encourage the entire Party, the entire Army and the people of all ethnicities in the entire country to construct a Socialist material civilization and spiritual civilization, and is also one of the most effective tools for the Party and government to link with the masses. The Notice says, Comrade Deng Xiaoping pointed out at the 2nd Plenum of the 12th Party Congress that, continued criticism and rectification on mistaken “Leftist” viewpoints in the ideological and theoretical area is still necessary. But, it shall be clearly pointed out that, the ideological front at present must first and foremost that the problem to be resolved is to correct rightism, weak and lax tendencies. All levels’ Party Committees must strengthen and improve management over radio and television work according to this spirit. At the same time, on the basis of need and possibility, some humanpower and financial strength is to be appropriately added, to develop and run the radio and television undertaking well.

The Notice pointed out that: all departments on the propaganda front shall, according to the policies of the Centre, from different positions, in different business scopes, use different methods, to serve Socialist modernization construction. But, where the area of propaganda methods is concerned, these are to be modernized a bit more, so they are able to meet with the masses more directly and more rapidly. All levels’ Party and government departments must learn to use radio and television to propagate policy and develop all work matters, and learn to use radio and television to propagate to the masses and organize the masses. For all matters requiring mobilization of the broad masses, at the same time as utilizing all other propaganda methods and means, it is permitted to carry the principles, policies and work tasks of the Party and government to the grass roots through radio and television, to directly meet with the people, in order to mobilize the popular masses as soon as possible.

The notice says, the development of domestic and foreign circumstances, urgently requires that the radio and television undertaking develops greatly, and that quality is greatly improved. All levels’ radio and television organs must, under the leadership of Party Committees, earnestly research the opinions and requirements of the broad listeners and viewers, fully give rein to the vigour of the entire body of work personnel, and at the same time rely on the broad support of all walks of society, to firmly and orderly reform radio and television work. On the one hand, it is necessary to strive to raise the quality of propaganda work, strengthen ideological education with patriotic and Communist ideology at the centre, improve the content of all sorts of programmes, and strengthen programme quantities (including increasing the daily television programme broadcast time); on the other hand, it is necessary to vigorously improve broadcast methods, accelerate technological transformation, raise the technological quality of radio and television, and adopt advanced technology to accelerate nationwide coverage, ensuring that our country’s radio and television undertaking can enter globally advanced ranks by the end of the century.

本报讯 中共中央最近发出通知,批转了广播电视部党组《关于广播电视工作的汇报提纲》,要求各级党委加强和改进对广播、电视工作的领导,发展和办好广播、电视事业。

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