CCP Central Discipline Inspection Committee Notice Concerning Thoroughly Suppressing the Dissemination of Obscene Video Tapes and Books that Cause Promiscuous Activities (Excerpts)

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In order to implement the basic improvement of social conduct, construct a Socialist spiritual civilization, protect the physical and mental healthy of minors, it is required that all localities, all departments and all General Offices of the army must adopt persistent, resolute and forceful measures to thoroughly investigate and capture obscene video tapes, audio tapes, film discs, books images and other goods in their subordinate work units, persist in attacking and prohibiting all obscene activities. For this purpose, the following regulations are made:


I, All levels’ Party Committees and Discipline Committees must fully understand the gravity and danger of disseminating obscene vide tapes, audio tapes, film discs, books and images, thoroughly suppress the above obscene goods and promiscuous activities, and educate the whole body of Communist Party members and State work personnel to raise their consciousness, they can absolutely not lower their guard, show no interest or appease matters now with greater damage afterwards.


II, All central ministries and commissions, all provincial, municipal and autonomous region Party Committees and Military Commission General Offices must conduct earnest clean-up of their subordinate work units, where production, reproduction, sale or dissemination of audiovisual products and using them to corrupt youth and conduct hooliganism and criminal activities is discovered, it must be timely reported to the public security departments, and the public security and judicial departments will investigate and prosecute it according to the law. Strict criticism and education must be imposed on those knowing about it and not reporting it. The responsibility of work units and cadres that obstructed suppression or intended to conceal or cover up this, must be investigated, and they must be subject to Party discipline, government discipline or Army discipline punishment, or even expelled from Party membership on the basis of the gravity of the circumstances.


III, Those among State organ work personnel, enterprise and undertaking work unit employees and young students, that possess obscene video tapes, auto tapes, film discs, books, images, handwritten copies and other products, but have not used them to conduct hooliganism or criminal activities, shall undergo study to get rid of spiritual pollution and propaganda education, id they are handed over within a fixed period of time. If they are concealed and not handed over, as soon as it is checked and verified, Party discipline, League discipline or government discipline punishment is imposed. To those passing on obscene books or obscene pictures, the responsible person of the organ, enterprise or undertaking work unit or school must conduct criticism and education.


IV. Work personnel of foreign-related work units (including large hotels) and personnel going abroad must be educated, and they are strictly prohibited to bring obscene products in for disseminating and spreading poison from abroad or from foreigners, those violating this must be subject to Party discipline and government discipline punishment. Customs must have systems to report and register obscene goods that are not permitted to enter the borders and strictly investigate them (naturally, not all books, pictorials or images having naked bodies must be considered as obscene, Customs shall jointly conclude definitions for distinguishing them with culture and education departments), all obscene goods brought in by personnel of our country going abroad when they come back shall be confiscated according to the law, and the Party or government leaders of the work unit to which they are subordinate must conduct grave punishment in view of the concrete circumstances.


V, All criminals, and gangsters engaging in dissemination, production, reproduction, peddling or selling of obscene video tapes, audio tapes, video discs, books or images that create promiscuity, that have already been tracked down and arrested, apart from strict punishment according to the law, where they are Party members or League members, they must be expelled from Party membership of League membership; all personnel participating in criminal activities must be strictly dealt with on the basis of the circumstances, and be subject to Party discipline, League discipline or government discipline punishment respectively, or even be expelled from Party membership or League membership. Those instigating this shall be severely sentences by political-legal departments according to the law, and strictly attacked. It is permitted to not investigate those common audiences occasionally participating.


VI, The responsible persons or household heads of all work units that have video equipment and buildings used by criminals un conducting criminal acts shall be inspected. Where they have supported, connived at or covered this up, they must be subject to Party discipline of government discipline punishment respectively, in view of the circumstances.


VII, A strict supervision and locking system must be established for captured audiovisual video and auto products and goods inciting sex, no person may take the opportunity to watch, reproduce, transfer or diffuse them. There must be special people in charge, that earnestly make inventories, make detailed list, report them to the public security organs, and public security organs will destroy these at regular times. Obscene goods confiscated by Customs will be destroyed at regular times on their own initiative. If persons stealing, hiding, peeking at, transferring or diffusing them are discovered, their responsibility must be investigated, and they must be strictly dealt with.


VIII, Video tapes and film discs imported by number of culture and propaganda departments and foreign-related work units that have plot details or a certain political or artistic reference value, but that contain obscene or vulgar images must be strictly controlled, the management of film and audiovisual management departments must be followed, and they may not be screened as one pleases under the name of “internal reference”. When they must be screened because of special work needs, the scope of the audience must also be strictly controlled, and it must be approved in advance by the provincial or city-level or higher main Party and government leaders. The responsibility of those violating this will be investigated.


IX, Suppressing the dissemination of obscene goods is a work with a strong policy nature, all levels’ Party Committees and Discipline Inspection Committees must realistically strengthen leadership, and strictly grasp policy limits. As for song and music recordings published and produced in Hong Kong, Taiwan or abroad with a vulgar style held by work units or individuals, knight-errant fiction, martial arts films, etc., they are not reactionary or pornographic, do not count as obscene products, and are not listed in the scope of suppression and capture. But those holding the abovementioned goods shall have their capacity to differentiate and “prevent an academic” raised through positive education. At the same time, management must be strengthened, and they may not be permitted to be disseminated in public venues, and they may not be permitted to be openly distributed, rented, reproduced or copied. All levels’ Party and League organizations and culture departments, shall attract the youth and occupy the battlefield with healthy, rich and varied culture and art works that encourage people to advance. Attention must be paid to protect the artworks examined and approved by central and provincial-level culture departments, they may not be captured and destroyed as obscene goods, but management must be strengthened, and it must be controlled within culture and art departments and relevant schools.


At present, in the activities of strictly attacking criminal offences and wiping out hoodlum gangs, thoroughly suppressing the dissemination of obscene video tapes, audio tapes and other goods is a great problem that the broad popular masses are concerned about. All levels’ Party Committees and Discipline Inspection Committees certainly must adopt resolute measures.















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