State Council Approves Six Policy Boundaries.

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Note: this is a People’s Daily article, the original document is not public. 

Recently, Comrade Deng Xiaoping specially stressed that it is necessary to further implement the policies for intellectuals, and give rein to the function of science and technology talents better.

Scientific and technology circles must continue to implement intellectual policies.

State Council approves six policy boundaries.

The National Science and Technology Commission “Report Outline” pointed out that, the new achievements created by contemporary humanity may not be treated as heresies or bourgeois sugar-coated bullets; free discussion must be advocated for academic thinking in the natural science area; opposition to spiritual pollution may not be raised in natural sciences and technology work.

Report of this Paper, report by the Xinhua journalist Go Mainan and this paper’s journalist He Huangbiao: The National Science and Technology Commission recently put forward six policy boundaries for science and technology circles to continue to implement the intellectual policies in the “Report Outline” concerning convening the National Science and Technology Work Conference.

The six policies that have been approved by the State Council are:

I, Science and technology personnel shall be encouraged to study and grasp the new achievements of global modern science and technology. Natural science and technology do not have a class nature, and new achievements created by contemporary humanity may not be treated as heresies or bourgeois sugar-coated bullets.

II, Many new dual disciplines between the natural sciences and the social sciences are currently emerging. They shall be earnestly understood, researched and studied, so that their quintessence can be truly absorbed, and the dregs discarded. Refusing to understanding them, fearing engagement with them, not analysing them, totally rejecting them or totally affirming them are all wrong attitudes.

III, When discussing major policy decisions in the area of science and technology or the discussing the feasibility of techno-economics, science and technology personnel shall be encouraged to liberate thoughts, seek truth from facts, speak out freely and launch debate. Different opinions from leading comrades cannot be said to be “not maintaining consistency with the Party”.

IV, In the areas of science and technology policies and management, conducting comparative research of domestic and foreign experiences, stimulates and assists the path of deepening reform, research and learning must not be rejected because of differences in the social system.

V, Towards academic thinking in the natural sciences, free discussion must be advocated, it must be permitted that there is some free theme selection in scientific research work, trials with talent mobility, free group composition, etc., must be conducted in management work. These must not be spoken of as “bourgeois liberalization”.

VI, Where different opinions emerge in research work, some exploration and trials will not be completely perfect or even unsuccessful, there are also differences in people’s capacity to apply the theories of Marxism, this is all unavoidable. Comradely discussion shall be conducted under the guidance of the policy of the “Two Hundred”, and the necessary criticism and self-criticism launched. But, opposing spiritual pollution must not be raised in natural science and technology work.

本报讯 新华社记者顾迈南、本报记者何黄彪报道:国家科委最近在关于召开全国科技工作会议的《汇报提纲》中,提出了在科技界继续落实知识分子政策的六条政策界限。


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