Notice Concerning Preserving and Dealing with Obscene Goods

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[83] GFZ 165

All provincial, municipal and autonomous region public security offices and bureaus, railway, traffic and civil aviation public security bureaus:

In recent years, and especially since strictly attacking criminal activities, all levels’ public security organs have banned and captured a large batch of obscene books, pictorials, pictures, audio recordings, video recordings, film tapes and obscene goods. The majority of public security organs have conducted strict preservation of these captured goods, and have disposed of them timely and according to regulations. But it has also emerged that there are some work units that do not manage strictly, and a few people even disseminate and spread the, creating a very bad influence. It should be seriously pointed out that the dissemination of this sort of goods is an important aspect of spiritual pollution at present, its danger is sufficient to bring calamity to the country and the people. On the basis of the spirit of the Central Discipline Inspection Committee “Notice Concerning Thoroughly Suppressing the Dissemination of Obscene Video and Books Causing Promiscuous Activities” of 6 December, all levels’ public security organs must realistically strengthen management over captured obscene goods, and it is strictly prohibited to disseminate or spread them.

I, Obscene goods captured by all levels’ public security organs are to be managed uniformly by public security departments. A leader must be personally responsible for this sort of already captured product, and earnestly conduct a one-time complete clean-up. District, city and county public security organs and public order departments are responsible to collect all obscene goods cleaned up by professional departments and public security stations, and after registration and listing, they shall be completely sealed up and submitted to the provincial-level public security organ public order department for processing. From now on, it is not permitted for any district, city or county public security organ and public security station to preserve samples, and they may also not destroy them on their own accord.

II, The above provision is also implemented for all obscene products captured by railway, traffic and civil aviation system public security organs and internal work units’ security departments, being to completely submit them to the county or city public security organ of the locality concerned according to regulations for uniform processing.

III, Obscene goods tracked down during case handling, are to be strictly taken care of by a specialist appointed by the case-handling work unit, during the preliminary period of the case, it is not permitted to pass them on to the case handling personnel to watch them, and it is certainly not allowed to give them to persons having nothing to do with it to watch them. After the conclusion of the case, they are submitted to county or city public security bureau public order departments for processing according to regulations.

IV, Provincial, city and autonomous region public security offices and public order departments, must register submitted obscene product into a categorized registration catalogue, apart from selecting one item of each category and preserve them as specimens, the other goods must be completely destroyed at regular intervals under the supervision of the discipline inspection departments. A special file must be made for preserved specimens, to be taken care of strictly and appropriately by a special person in a special counter, and the catalogue of specimens is to be reported to the 3rd bureau of the Ministry of Public Security for filing. When specimens need to be collected, it must be approved by the controlling office or bureau head, without approval, no person may collect them.

V, All levels’ public security organs’ leading comrades must give high regard to preservation and handling work of obscene goods. For the preservation of this category of goods, a two-person responsibility system must be implemented, and old comrades with good ideology, a good work style and a strong sense of responsibility must be appointed to be responsible for it, earnestly implement the management system and appropriately take care of matters. Unauthorized personnel may without exception not come into contact with this sort of goods. Henceforth, when all those considered as preserving personnel disseminate or privately preserve obscene goods, the responsibility of the party concerned must be investigated, and they must be subject to Party discipline or administrative discipline punishment, or even criminal punishment according to the gravity of the circumstances. Where it concerns neglect op leadership duties, the responsibility of the leading person is investigated at the same time. Please write a report on the implementation situation of this Notice before the end of February 1984, and submit it to the provincial, municipal or autonomous region Party Committee, government and the Ministry of Public Security.











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