Regulations Concerning Prohibiting Obscene Goods

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(Promulgated on 17 April 1985)

Obscene goods poison the people’s thoughts, bring out criminality and are extremely dangerous. In order to protect the bodily and mental health of the wide masses, especially the youth, safeguard social order, guarantee the smooth progress of the construction of socialist modernization, all sorts of obscene goods must be strictly prohibited. For this purpose, the following Regulations are made:

I, For all sorts of obscene goods, regardless of whether or not being for the purpose of making profits, import, production (including duplication), sale and broadcast must all be strictly forbidden.

II, The scope of prohibited obscene goods is: videotapes, audiotapes, films, television programmes, slides, photographs, images, books, periodicals and transcripts concretely describing sexual acts or undisguisedly propagating sexual and obscene images, toys and appliances printed with this sort of image as well as obscene medicines and obscene appliances.

III, Prohibiting obscene goods work must be persistent, earnest and may not exceed scope. Art works with art value having incidental obscene content, fine art works displaying human physical beauty, natural science works relating to human physiology, medical knowledge or other natural science, are not considered to be within the scope of obscene goods, and are not in the list of prohibition.

IV, Customs must strengthen the import environment prohibition work. All obscene goods brought, posted or smuggled into the borders, will be confiscated by Customs without exception, and the party involved may be fined. Where circumstances are grave, it will be punished by Public Security and judicial organs according to the law.

V, All localities’ investigation of prohibited obscene goods work, is under the unified leadership of the local People’s Government, entities such as public security, culture, education, radio and television and administrative industry and commerce, etc, according to each one’s work division, are responsible for organising implementation and strengthening cooperation and coordination.

VI, Where there is incidental obscene content in material imported because of work needs, if it is necessary to keep it, a strict reading and use system shall be provided, it is not allowed to be spread to uninvolved personnel, if it does not need to be kept, it shall be handed over to the public security entities for handling.

VII, Foreign-related host organizations and relevant transportation work unit, if they discover that persons from abroad left behind obscene goods, shall group it and hand it over to public security entities, work units and individuals are without exception not allowed to spread it to other work units or individuals.

VIII, Apprehended obscene goods, except for those confiscated by Customs according to the law and destroyed according to Customs regulations, will be handed over to the public security entities for centralized handling.

IX, For smuggling, producing, selling and organizing broadcasting of obscene goods, where it constitutes a crime, the judiciary organs will punish it according to the law; where it is does not constitute a crime, the controlling entity will impose administrative punishment according to the gravity of the circumstances.

For those broadcasting obscene goods to minors not having reached the age of eighteen, those using work and job privileges to broadcast confiscated obscene goods, as well as those using job goods or goods under their supervision to duplicate or broadcast obscene goods, shall be punished according to the law.

X, For those watching obscene videotapes, films and television programmes, criticizing and education shall be imposed. For those watching and making private copies of obscene books and obscene images, criticizing and education shall be imposed, those having objects shall hand over the objects; for those repeatedly offending after repeated education, the controlling entity shall impose administrative punishment.

XI, Implementation rules for these Regulations will be formulated respectively by the Ministry of Public Security, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Radio and Television, the State Administration or Industry and Commerce and the General Administration of Customs.

XII, These Regulations take effect on the day of promulgation.








六、因工作需要进口的资料中, 夹杂有淫秽内容的, 如需要保留,应规定严格的借阅、使用制度,不许向无关人员扩散;如不需要保留,应上交公安部门处理。









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