Notice concerning Earnestly Implementing the State Council “Regulations concerning Strictly Prohibiting Obscene Goods”

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4 May 1985, Ministry of Radio and Television

All localities’ radio and television departments must earnestly implement the “Regulations concerning Strictly Prohibiting Obscene Goods” published on 17 April by the State Council, and in the near future, grasp it as an important task. In order to do so, the following is notified:

I, Under the unified leadership of the local People’s Government, strengthen cooperation and coordination with relevant department, and conduct a one-time clean-up of audio and video products having obscene content.

II, One of radio and television departments’ main task in the work of cleaning up obscene goods is distinguishing obscene audio and video products, and provide professional appraisal for judicial organs. This work is the responsibility of all provincial, autonomous region and municipal radio and television office and bureau chiefs and directors, they appoint cadres having corresponding political and professional levels to compose a small group (the number of members should not be too high) to carry this out concretely. When conducting appraisal, the definitions provided in Articles 2 and 3 of the “Regulations concerning Strictly Prohibiting Obscene Goods” should be strictly followed, with differential treatment, they must be both strict and earnest, and may not expand the scope. It is permitted to deal with audio and video products containing some obscene content, but which have artistic value, by demagnetizing the obscene part, and not to ban them as obscene products.

III, Among audio and video products, the focus of clean-up work should be video products; among video product owners, the focus of clean-up work should be video screening teams and points.

All video screening teams and points (including those not having undergone or approval and not having business licences” must be required to draw up a list of all their video programmes (including those not openly screened) and report them to the city our county radio and television bureau or station for filing. All those actively handing over video tapes with obscene content, may be dealt with leniently or exempted from punishment; those concealing and not handing them over, as soon as they are discovered, are dealt with severely. Video tapes with obscene content that are handed over, are to be submitted to public security departments for processing without exception, and may not be scattered.

Video screening teams and points that have not applied for approval according to regulatory procedure, and that have not obtained a business licence, are required to provisionally cease screening without exception, and they are ordered to conduct examination, approval and registration formalities, and obtain business licenses. Henceforth, those screening films in violation of regulations without having undergone approval, are banned without exception.

IV, All levels’ radio and television organs must first and foremost settle whether or not we have internal video tapes with obscene content and illegal screening activities. Other Party, government or military organs, people’s organizations and enterprise or undertaking work units possessing video products, must be enjoined with cleaning them up on their own initiative within a given time, and report the clean-up results in writing to the radio and television department of their locality, for reference filing. From now on, if concealed video products with obscene content are discovered and they have not been dealt with, the responsibility of the work unit’s leadership must be investigated.

V, Reiterating the State Council “Provisional Audio and Video Product Management Regulations”, “video products for distribution and sale must be published by a State-approved audiovisual product publishing work unit”, private reproduction and sale on the market is prohibited.

Please integrate all the above points with the local reality and put forward feasible measures and methods to the local people’s government, cooperate closely with relevant departments, gradually put them into effect. All provincial, autonomous region and municipal radio and television offices and bureaus must strengthen leadership over this work, coordinate forces, and strive to achieve results. Please timely report lists of obscene scene audio and video product discovered in reality to our Ministry’s audiovisual product management department.

















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