Month: June 1985

Notice concerning Matters Related to Publishing Houses Also Engaging in Self-Funded Publishing Business

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The Ministry of Culture Party Group “Report concerning Cautiously Dealing with Issues on Collective and Individual Applications for the Establishment of Publishers”, approved by the Central Propaganda Department, put forward: “In order to resolve the issue that the capacity for individual academic research work publishing is insufficient, we intend to recommend the self-funded publishing pilot scheme experience of the Shanghai Xuelin Publishing House, and approve that a number of publishers meeting conditions, on the basis of completing their book publishing plans, appropriately undertake the self-funded publishing tasks of some worthy academic works. But publishers are still responsible for political examination tasks”. No. 2 of “Publishing Work” of 1985 already published the Xuelin Publishing House “One Experiment in Publishing Reform – Knowledge from a Pilot Scheme on Self-Funded Publishing”. All relevant publishers are requested to earnestly research this. Read the rest of this entry »