Notice concerning Matters Related to Publishing Houses Also Engaging in Self-Funded Publishing Business

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The Ministry of Culture Party Group “Report concerning Cautiously Dealing with Issues on Collective and Individual Applications for the Establishment of Publishers”, approved by the Central Propaganda Department, put forward: “In order to resolve the issue that the capacity for individual academic research work publishing is insufficient, we intend to recommend the self-funded publishing pilot scheme experience of the Shanghai Xuelin Publishing House, and approve that a number of publishers meeting conditions, on the basis of completing their book publishing plans, appropriately undertake the self-funded publishing tasks of some worthy academic works. But publishers are still responsible for political examination tasks”. No. 2 of “Publishing Work” of 1985 already published the Xuelin Publishing House “One Experiment in Publishing Reform – Knowledge from a Pilot Scheme on Self-Funded Publishing”. All relevant publishers are requested to earnestly research this.

Hereby, the following matters are notified as follows.

I, Self-funded publishing is a supplementary book publishing channel. Publishers may, under the precondition of completing their book publishing plans, and on the basis of their editorial strength and printing strength, appropriately arrange for self-funded publishing work. Self-funded publishing manuscripts shall conform to the work division scope of the publisher, theme selection shall be listed in the publisher’s annual book publishing plan (clearly indicating self-funded publishing items), and after examination and approval by the higher-level controlling department, be reported to our Ministry’s Publishing Bureau for filing. If there are newly added topic selections outside of the plan, it shall be additionally reported.

II, Self-funded manuscripts are mainly limited to not-for-profit academic works. Publishers must implement the policy of letting a hundred flowers bloom, and a hundred schools contend, foster different academic viewpoints and schools, and especially innovative academic achievements. Non-academic manuscript, if they have a certain commemorative value and healthy content, are also appropriate for publishing arrangement.

III, During self-funded publishing, manuscript content is the responsibility of the author. But publishers must be responsible for political inspection, and persist in certain quality requirements. Those meeting conditions may be allocated certain manuscript examination forces.

IV, Self-funded publishing falls under not-for-profit publishing business, publishers generally may charge different and appropriate management fees on the basis of the academic value of the work and economic strength

V, Writers and publishers shall set up contract systems. In the contract, the responsibilities of each are to be clearly indicated. Print runs, distribution methods and scope, publishing fee collection and payment, etc., must all be written into the contract after both sides determine them. All self-funded publications that are distributed shall be marked with a fixed price according to State provisions. Those that are not distributed are marked “not for sale”.

VI, At present, there is only experience on self-funded publishing in the one location of Shanghai, other localities’ conditions are nit quite the same, this is still a stage of feeling about, and therefore, the covered area should not be overly large. Apart from the Shanghai Xuelin Publishing House, all provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities may appoint one publishing house through the local publishing bureau (publisher) to try out self-funded publishing business. All publishers directly subordinate to Central ministries and commissions, if they meet conditions, which want to to try out self-funded publishing business, may apply for this with our Ministry’s Publishing Bureau.


经中央宣传部批准的文化部党组《关于慎重处理集体个体申请建立出版社问题 的报告》提出:“为了解决个人学术研究著作出版容量不足的问题,我们准备介绍上海学林出版社试办自费出版的经验,批准部分有条件的出版社,在完成本社出书计划的基础上,适当地承担一些有价值的学术著作的自费出版任务。但出版社仍负有在政治上审查的责任。”1985年第2期《出版工作》已发表学林出版社的《出版改革的一项试验--试办自费出版的体会》。请各有关出版社认真加以研究。









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