Month: August 1985

Notice Concerning Questions on Investigating and Appraising Obscene Video Tapes

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All provincial, autonomous region and municipal public security offices, bureaus

In order to earnestly implement the State Council “Regulations Concerning Strictly Prohibiting Obscene Goods“, during the work of suppressing and capturing obscene goods, it is necessary to strictly control the scope of personnel examining and appraising obscene video tapes, realistically strengthen management over captured obscene goods and prevent their dissemination or diffusion. For this purpose, with the approval of the Central Propaganda Department, the questions related to video tape investigation and appraisal are notified as follows:

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Central Committee Secretariat and State Council Secretariat Notice Concerning Prohibition of Commercial Video Screening and Strengthening Video Management

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At present, commercial video screening activities are present throughout, and there are more than thirty thousand screening work units, and more that two thousand types of screened programmes. Martial arts, detective or “life” films with a low artistic style and unhealthy content are disseminated on a large scale. What especially merits attention is that there are a number of work units and individuals forgetting integrity when tempted by profit, and for the sake of profit by hook or by crook, unlawfully screen obscene videos, creating grave harm to the physical and moral health of the broad masses and especially minors. The Party Central Committee and State Council point out, video equipment is a major tool and method for conducting cultural propaganda and education, and constructing a socialist spiritual civilization and material civilization, all levels’ Party Committees and government entities must firmly grasp this in their hands, and with outstanding, healthy programmes that the masses love to see and hear, conduct patriotic and communist education, disseminate scientific and technological knowledge, enrich the masses’ spiritual life, occupy the masses’ spare-time leisure culture battleground, resist corrosion by the degenerate ideologies of capitalism and feudalism. In order to do so, the following is notified: Read the rest of this entry »

Notice concerning Implementing the “State Council Regulations concerning Strictly Prohibiting Obscene Goods”

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20 August 1985

WTZ No. 815

The “Regulations concerning Strictly Prohibiting Obscene Goods promulgated on 17 April 1985 by the State Council, are an important administrative regulation in resisting feudal and capitalist degenerate and declining ideological erosion, and protecting the physical and mental health of the popular masses and especially the youth. Cultural departments undertaking the important task of constructing a Socialist spiritual civilization must earnestly implement them. Persist in cutting of all import, production (including reproduction), peddling and dissemination of obscene goods, coordinate with relevant departments and do banning work well. Hereby, Some matters of the Ministry of Culture’s implementation of these State Council provisions are notified as follows: Read the rest of this entry »