Central Committee Secretariat and State Council Secretariat Notice Concerning Prohibition of Commercial Video Screening and Strengthening Video Management

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At present, commercial video screening activities are present throughout, and there are more than thirty thousand screening work units, and more that two thousand types of screened programmes. Martial arts, detective or “life” films with a low artistic style and unhealthy content are disseminated on a large scale. What especially merits attention is that there are a number of work units and individuals forgetting integrity when tempted by profit, and for the sake of profit by hook or by crook, unlawfully screen obscene videos, creating grave harm to the physical and moral health of the broad masses and especially minors. The Party Central Committee and State Council point out, video equipment is a major tool and method for conducting cultural propaganda and education, and constructing a socialist spiritual civilization and material civilization, all levels’ Party Committees and government entities must firmly grasp this in their hands, and with outstanding, healthy programmes that the masses love to see and hear, conduct patriotic and communist education, disseminate scientific and technological knowledge, enrich the masses’ spiritual life, occupy the masses’ spare-time leisure culture battleground, resist corrosion by the degenerate ideologies of capitalism and feudalism. In order to do so, the following is notified:


I, Within the national scope, it is decreed that it is prohibited for private persons to engage in commercial video screening, video recorders owned by private persons, may only be used as a domestic appliance, and tickets may not be sold, and audiences may not be solicited, and commercial video screening may not be engaged in. All levels, after receiving this Notice, shall grasp conducting of research and deployment, and conduct implementation. Private persons’ commercial video screening points must cease business within a limited time without exception, video screening licences originally issued to private persons must be cancelled without exception, and collected by the issuing work unit. Private persons’ video recorders may be left for household used, the matter may also be settled by oneself, or it may be bought by a State-run work unit for a reasonable discount. Under the uniform guidance of all levels’ Party Committees and governments, administrative radio and television, culture, public security, industry and commerce management, etc., must do well ideological education and aftermath work of private persons’ video screening points and video screening personnel.


II, Enterprise and undertaking work units such as Party and government organs, army troops, schools and non-culture or radio and television entities, etc., may take video screening as a method to conduct internal education, but similarly may not sell tickets or conduct commercial video screening. State-organized propaganda and culture work units such as town and village cultural centres, clubs, etc., with controlling authority approval, may be used for culture propaganda activities, and broadcast videos locally. But they may only collect the lowest cost fees from the audiences, and are prohibited from seeking profit from this.


III, Any work unit and individual must strictly abide by the State Council “Regulations Concerning Prohibiting Obscene Goods” (SC No. [1985]57), it is prohibited so smuggle, import, record and screen video tapes that are reactionary, obscene, contain horror or murders, and that disseminate feudal superstition ideologies. Those broadcasting reactionary and obscene videos must be determinedly attacked, and gravely punished according to the law, and the responsibility of the work unit’s leading person must be investigated. All video tapes not passed through examination and approval, may without exception not be screened. Video screening work units may not without authorization snatch programmes not broadcast by cinemas and television stations.



IV, It is a must to accelerate development of our country’s videotape production, publishing and distribution undertakings. The Ministry of Radio, Film and Television, the Ministry of Culture and other relevant entities shall adopt powerful steps, formulate plans, to produce and distribute a batch of videotapes  including Sino-foreign excellent films and television dramas, all sorts of culture and are programmes as well as education, sports, popular science, hygiene, travel, etc., with healthy content, that are rich, varied and fascinating. In the second half of this year, it is necessary to provide two hundred hours or more of programmes to the market, and in all cities and localities meeting conditions, progressively establish videotape rental points, providing videotapes with healthy content to the people at low prices.


V, Powers to import foreign and Hong Kong and Taiwan videotapes (including videotapes converted from film tapes), revert to the central Ministry of Radio, Film and Television and Ministry of Culture for examination and approval. Those approved for import by the Ministry of Culture, shall be CC’d to the Ministry of Radio, Film and Television for filing; those approved for import by the Ministry of Radio, Film and Television, shall be CC’d to the Ministry of Culture for filing. Any other localities and work units do not have the power to approve videotape import. Those still knowingly committing violations after receiving this document, must certainly be gravely punished, up until expulsion from the Party, dismissal and prosecution. Where Customs discover videotapes imported without approval from the abovementioned two ministries, these must be confiscated (those for which a contract was already signed and imported before issue of this document, must be appropriately dealt with under differentiated circumstances).


VI, All provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities shall establish a social culture management committee, led by an vice-provincial governor (vice-chairman, vice-mayor), with assistance from the Party Committee Propaganda Department, and with participation of relevant entities such as culture, radio, film and television, public security, administrative industry and commerce management, Customs, etc., implementing uniform guidance over video screening and other social culture activities, divide jobs with individual responsibilities, closely cooperate, and synthesize management. Cities and counties shall also establish corresponding management committees. Provincial-level social culture management committees must immediately conduct registration and examination over locally screened videotapes, and in batches make prohibited film title lists, strictly implement and enforce his, and report the prohibited film list to the Ministry of Public Security, Ministry of Radio, Film and Television and Ministry of Culture. Provincial-level social culture management committees must according to the reality of those localities, determine daily screening  supervision, examination and management work over which culture office (bureaus) or radio and television bureaus (offices) realistically have responsibility.


VII, In all cases where related past regulations conflict with the spirit of this Notice, matters will be implemented according to the spirit of this Notice without exception.




目前,营业性录像放映活动遍及各地乡,放映单位已有三万 多个,放映的节目约有两千余种。格调不高、内容不健康的武打、侦探或“生活”片大肆传播。特别值得注意的是,有些单位和个人见利忘义,为了赚钱不择手段,违法放映淫秽录像,对广大群众,尤其是青少年的身心建康造成极大危害。党中央、国务院指出,录像设备是进行文化宣传教育、建设社会主义精神文明和物质文明的重要工具和手段,各级党委和政府部门必须将其牢牢掌握在自己手中,以优秀的、健康的、群众喜闻乐见的节目向广大人民进行爱国主义、共产主义教育,传播科学技术知识,丰富群众的精神生活,占领群众业余文化阵地,抵制资本主义、封建主义腐朽思想的侵蚀。为此,特作如下通知:
















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