Month: September 1985

Approval of the “National Special Permission” Status of the Renmin University of China Books and Newspapers Data Centre to Duplicate Works Already Published in Periodical Publications.

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Received and read incoming correspondence from RUC number 23, dated 7 August 1985

Taking into consideration that your school since the foundation of the Books and Newspapers Data Organization, has always conducted collecting, arranging and supplying work of domestic Chinese-language periodical data, directly for the purpose of research and education service, and moreover has already officially changed name to Books and Newspapers Data Centre, we approve the requests in the incoming correspondence. Henceforth, the abovementioned Centre enjoys “National Special Permission” status for the duplication of works already published in periodical publications, may do so without approval of the author, and without paying remuneration to him, but should clearly indicate full name of the author, name of the work and source, and should also respect other rights the author enjoys as stipulated in Article 5 of the “Trial Regulations for the Copyright Protections of Books and Periodicals”.

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