Month: November 1985

Request for Instructions concerning Using Economic Sanction Methods to Strengthen Publishing Management.

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Considering certain negative influences of readers among the people and especially youth, and considering differentiating the use of paper resources and printing capacity in order of importance and urgency, some book assortments and printing shall be subject to the necessary control. For this, the Ministry of Culture and the State Publishing Bureau have made a series of regulations. But some publishers one-sidedly pursue profit, do not implement the relevant regulations, resulting in the fact that that books that should be controlled cannot be effectively controlled. Furthermore, some non-publishing work units have also compiled and printed excessive numbers of books in pursuit of profit, and it has been impossible to curb this for a long time as well. In order to implement the Party’s publishing policy and strengthen publishing management, apart from continuing to strengthen administrative measures, we have considered supplementing them with rules on economic sanctions. After consultation  with the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Industry and Commerce, the following provisions have been drafted:

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