Notice Concerning the Setting Up of Copyright Management Organs by All Provincial, Autonomous Region or Municipal Publishing Bureaus (General Offices)

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The “Trial Regulations on copyright Protection of Books and Periodicals” and its “Implementing Rules” have been published a year ago, the publication administrative management entities have carried out much work in organising study of the “Trial Regulations” for editing and publishing staff and creative staff, allocation and training of publishing staff, spread copyright knowledge, arbitration in copyright disputes, etc. In order to guarantee that the “Trial Regulations and its “implementing Rules” are implemented one step further, and to prepare conditions for the full implementation of copyright protection, all provincial, autonomous region or municipal Publishing Bureaus (General Offices) are advised to set up a Copyright Office, or to specially designate personnel in the Publications Office, in order to take up books and periodicals copyright protection work in their respective jurisdictions.

Implementing copyright protection for books and periodicals is a complex work. All localities are requested to pay attention to collective experience, to timely inform us of problems occurring in the work, and put forward suggestions, so as to research and improve continuously.






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