Month: March 1986

Reply Concerning the Principles of Remuneration to Copyright Holders by Audiovisual Works Using Already Published Works

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(20 March 1986)

Reply to Shanghai PB (86) Gen. no. 015.

According to the provisions of Article 17 of the “Trial Regulations on Book and Periodicals Copyright Protection”, national audio and video publishing units using works already published by others to record and produce records, magnetic tapes, videotapes, may do so without approval of the copyright holder, but should pay remuneration to him. The remuneration rules are temporarily implemented in reference to principles of the “Trial Regulations on Book Royalties” of the Ministry of Culture (MOC (84) no. 1791), namely to remunerate the copyright holder with the basic royalty plus a printing royalty.

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Provisional Regulations for Radio and Television Broadcasting Specialist Positions

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Central Professional Title Reform Work Leading Group, 12 March 1986, ZGZ No. (1986)13)

Chapter I: General Provisions

Article 1: In order to give full rein to the vigour and creativity of radio and television broadcasting personnel, raise broadcasting levels, do radio and television propaganda well, construct the Four Modernizations even better, and serve the construction of a Socialist material civilization and spiritual civilization, these Regulations are formulated. Read the rest of this entry »