General Principles of the Civil Law of the People’s Republic of China (excerpt)

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(Passed on 12 April 1986 at the fourth session of the sixth National People’s Congress)

Chapter 5: Civil Rights

Article 94: Citizens and legal persons shall enjoy rights of authorship (copyrights) and shall be entitled to sign their names as authors, issue and publish their works and obtain remuneration in accordance with the law.

Chapter 6: Civil Liability

Article 118: If the rights of authorship (copyright), patent rights, rights to exclusive use of trademarks, rights of discovery, rights of invention or rights for scientific and technological research achievements of citizens or legal persons are infringed upon by such means as plagiarism, alteration or imitation, they shall have the right to demand that the infringement be stopped, its ill effects be eliminated and the damages be compensated for.


第三节 知识产权

第九十四条 公民、法人享有著作权(版权),依法有署名、发表、出版、获得报酬等权利。

第三节 侵权的民事责任

第一百一十八条 公民、法人的著作权(版权)、专利权、商标专用权、发现权、发明权和其他科技成果权受到剽窃、篡改、假冒等侵害的,有权要求停止侵害,消除影响,赔偿损失。


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