Month: May 1986

Notice Concerning Questions regarding Shooting Films or Television Dramas with Public Security Themes

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27 May 1986


All provincial, autonomous region and municipal Public Security Offices, Bureaus: Read the rest of this entry »


Notice Concerning Improving Culture and Art Programme Video Tape Supply and Strengthening Video Screening Management

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After issuance of the Central Committee Secretariat and State Council Secretariat Notice Concerning Prohibition of Commercial Video Screening and Strengthening Video Management, all Party Committees and governments have given it full regard, determinedly implemented it, have conducted wide rectification of video screening activities and have somewhat controlled the situation of overflow of video tapes streaming in from abroad with unhealthy content or without copyright. Video publishing undertakings and video screening activities are an important propaganda battleground for socialism, and it is a must to rectify guiding ideology and persist in putting social interest first. At present, problems that urgently needs to be resolved are improving and enriching all kinds of culture programme (including Chinese and foreign excellent films, television dramas, music, opera, dance, etc.) video tape supply; at the same time, strictly attacking smuggling import and all sorts of reproduction activities violating laws and regulations. Only when these two work matters are completed, is it possible for video programme screening to develop healthily. To this end, the following is notified: Read the rest of this entry »