Notice Concerning Improving Culture and Art Programme Video Tape Supply and Strengthening Video Screening Management

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After issuance of the Central Committee Secretariat and State Council Secretariat Notice Concerning Prohibition of Commercial Video Screening and Strengthening Video Management, all Party Committees and governments have given it full regard, determinedly implemented it, have conducted wide rectification of video screening activities and have somewhat controlled the situation of overflow of video tapes streaming in from abroad with unhealthy content or without copyright. Video publishing undertakings and video screening activities are an important propaganda battleground for socialism, and it is a must to rectify guiding ideology and persist in putting social interest first. At present, problems that urgently needs to be resolved are improving and enriching all kinds of culture programme (including Chinese and foreign excellent films, television dramas, music, opera, dance, etc.) video tape supply; at the same time, strictly attacking smuggling import and all sorts of reproduction activities violating laws and regulations. Only when these two work matters are completed, is it possible for video programme screening to develop healthily. To this end, the following is notified:


I, China Film Distribution and Screening Company is charged with selecting excellent domestic films and publish video tapes; and China Film Export and Import Company is authorized to be responsible for importing publishing rights for film videos with healthy content and a relatively high artistic level, for China Film Distribution and Screening Company to publish videotapes. As for the two kinds of film videotape publishing quantity, strive to reach 10 products per month within three months.


II, CCTV and all provincial, autonomous region, and municipal television stations may entrust publishing of videotapes of programmes made by themselves, or Chinese and foreign television drama and other culture and art programmes of which they purchased broadcasting rights and at the same time purchased video publishing rights before broadcast (not less than three months) to their subordinate or all localities’ radio and television office (bureau) subordinate audiovisual publishing work units.


III, All foreign culture and art programme video tapes, including films imported by China Film Export and Import Company and all television dramas, etc., must all be reported to the Ministry of Radio, Film and Television for examination and approval and only after the ministry Audio and Video Product Management Department signs and issues the approval certificate, may they be published and distributed. This approval certificate shall be recorded on the beginning titles of the videotape and printed on the notices on the package.


IV, From 1 September 1986, any foreign culture and art-type video tape not having obtained Ministry of Radio, Film and Television approval is prohibited from being sold, rented or publicly screened (including free screenings organized by videotape screening teams, all kinds of closed circuit television systems and Party and government organs, army troops, groups, enterprise and undertaking work units to enrich the cultural entertainment life of staff). As soon as these are discovered, they will be confiscated.


V, For domestic and foreign film videotapes published by China Film Distribution and Screening Company, China Film Distribution and Screening Company organized distribution nationwide, including rental and selling. All localities shall consider the film distribution system as an important channel for videotape distribution at present, and shall support it. All levels’ film distribution and screening companies shall participate in management of the same level’s audiovisual management entity over the videotape market, both parties shall mutually support each other and closely cooperate. Video programmes published and distributed by China Film Distribution and Screening Company shall timely be notified to all localities’ audiovisual management entities, in order to make it easy for the latter to understand the situation. In regions implementing that for any public screening of videos, a “screening approval permit” must be approved and issued, a “screening approval permit” shall be given to all video programmes published and distributed by China Film Distribution and Screening Company.

In view of the fact that China Film Distribution and Screening Company has a relative basis in distribution, other video publishing work units, if they wish to entrust distribution on their own behalf, they may through consultation conclude a contract according to the principles of voluntarity and mutual interest, and timely report to all levels; audiovisual management entities.


VI, All localities’ audiovisual management entities and film distribution and screening companies must in consultation with administrative industry and commerce entities and commerce entities, earnestly implement the spirit of the “Notice Concerning Rectification of the Audio and Video Products Market and Stopping Pirate Recording Activities” jointly issued by the Ministry of Radio, Film and Television, Ministry of Commerce and State Administration for Industry and Commerce in February of this year, must catch a number of model cases, strictly punish them, and conduct propaganda and education. After examination, it occurs that a number of audiovisual publishing and distribution work units in our radio, film and television system still publish foreign programmes not approved through our Ministry, and reproduce and distribute video tapes without copyright, this is absolutely not permissible, and must be immediately stopped. All radio, film and television offices (bureaus)’ leaders shall strengthen management over this, and if violation occurs again, it must be strictly punished.


VII, Video screening team (point) approval and development must be cautiously conducted. It is necessary to according to the situation of cultural facilities in those region and the real needs of the masses, plan uniformly and prevent against blind development. It is necessary to pay attention to coordinating the relationship with film screening, video screening ticket prices may not be higher than regular film ticket prices in the same locality.


This Notice may be transferred to county-level radio, film and television bureaus, and culture bureaus.

















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