Month: July 1987

Notice Concerning Severely Attacking Illegal Publication Activities

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State Council, NDC No. [1987]65

At present, illegal publication activities in society are rampant. A number of lawless persons falsely produce or pirate the name of lawful publication work units, illegally print harmful books and periodicals, and audiovisual publications in large numbers. This sort of publication activities has flooded the market, and not only is content degenerate, and often propagates murder, sex and superstition, but the printing quality is also inferior, the selling price is costly, the harmfulness to mental and bodily health of the masses, especially the youth, is extremely large, and gravely influence the construction of a socialist spiritual civilization. For this sort of situation, measures must be adopted to persistently curb it. The State Council has decided to immediately, in the entire country, launch a one-time operation attacking illegal publication activities. The following relevant issues are hereby notified as follows: Read the rest of this entry »