Notice Concerning Severely Attacking Illegal Publication Activities

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State Council, NDC No. [1987]65

At present, illegal publication activities in society are rampant. A number of lawless persons falsely produce or pirate the name of lawful publication work units, illegally print harmful books and periodicals, and audiovisual publications in large numbers. This sort of publication activities has flooded the market, and not only is content degenerate, and often propagates murder, sex and superstition, but the printing quality is also inferior, the selling price is costly, the harmfulness to mental and bodily health of the masses, especially the youth, is extremely large, and gravely influence the construction of a socialist spiritual civilization. For this sort of situation, measures must be adopted to persistently curb it. The State Council has decided to immediately, in the entire country, launch a one-time operation attacking illegal publication activities. The following relevant issues are hereby notified as follows:

I, Apart from State-approved publication work units, any work unit and individual may not publish books, newspapers and periodicals and audiovisual publications openly distributed to society, violations are considered as illegal publication activities.

II, Non-publication work units compiling and printing, and duplicating non-commercial reference books, newspapers and periodicals and audiovisual products for internal use, must be reported to the controlling work unit in charge for approval, and pass approval by county-level or higher (including county-level) administrative press and publications (culture) organs or provincial-level or higher (including provincial-level) audiovisual management organs and be issued a printing permit, and may only then be printed. Violations are also considered as illegal publication activities.

Any State-run collective and individual printing (binding) plant, may not undertake printing (binding) of illegal publications. All those already undertaking illegal publications, shall without exception cease printing, and turn finished products, semi-finished products, printing plates, etc. over completely to the administrative press and publications (culture) organ appointed by the county-level or higher (including county level) People’s Government of their locality, for destruction on the spot.

Audiovisual duplication and processing work units not having undergone State audiovisual management organ approval will be banned without exception.

III, Any State-run, collective or individual distribution work units and individuals may not sell illegal publications. If they have illegal publications, they shall without exception cease sales, and take the initiative to clean up and torn them  the administrative press and publications (culture) organ and audiovisual management organ appointed by the county-level or higher (including county level) People’s Government of their locality, for destruction on the spot.

IV, For work units and individuals printing, undertaking printing, duplicating and selling illegal publications, the distinctive circumstances may be considered, and warnings, cessation for rectification, and cancelling registration certification or business licences may respectively be imposed, and administrative punishment will be imposed on the directly responsible person or leader.

For illegal publications and illegal income, apart from complete confiscation, with consideration to the distinctive circumstances, a  fine of within five times the sum list price of the publications will also be imposed. Confiscated illegal income and fines will without exception be turned over to the State treasury.

To those engaging in illegal publication activities with loathsome circumstances, with grave consequences, violating criminal law, criminal liability shall be investigated according to the law.

V, This attack of illegal publication activities, shall focus on investigating and prosecuting large-scale printing, undertaking printing, duplication and sale of illegal publications, and work units and individuals with huge quick profit values.

VI, Attacking illegal publication activities must be persistent, and must be reliable. All localities must start from the real situation, seek the truth from facts, extend different treatment for different situations, and make achieving attack on the tiny minority of grave unlawful persons and educating the large majority as targets.

VII, This attack of illegal publication activities will be guided by all levels’ People’s Governments, administrative press and publications, radio, film and television, industry and culture management and public security entities are concretely responsible, culture management entities give vigorous coordination and support; relevant entities such as post, light industry, communications, railways, Customs, etc., must strengthen communication, mutually communicate the situation and closely cooperate. For investigation and prosecution targets involving several regions, relevant regions shall timely report and  work in coordination.

VIII, At present, it is necessary to grasp one or two major model cases and thoroughly investigate them as soon as possible, handle them according to the law, and propagate it using newspapers, radio and television, in order to move forward investigation and prosecution work in the entire country.

IX, Investigation and prosecution funding will be handled according to the relevant provisions of the “Notice Concerning Promulgation of the ‘Management Rules for Confiscation Property and Recovering Illicit Money and Illicit Goods” of the Ministry of Finance (year 1986, No. MoF 228).

X, In order to transform the present chaotic situation of the books and periodical printing sector, Public Security organs according to relevant regulations shall turn the printing sector into a “special sector” and conduct management. All levels’ People’s Government must formulate relevant mechanisms and personnel, and are responsible for implementing regular examination and supervision of printing plants, especially small town and village printing plants, in their jurisdiction

All localities, after receiving this Notice, shall immediately take action, concrete arrangements may be taken by themselves on the basis of the real situation of that locality. Before the end of October of this year, all provincial, autonomous region and municipal People’s Governments shall make a special report to the State Council on the implementation situation.


国务院·国发 [1987] 65号


一、 除国家批准的出版单位外,任何单位和个人不得出版在社会上公开发行的图书、报刊和音像出版物,违者属非法出版活动。

二、 非出版单位编印、翻录内部使用的非营利性的资料性图书、报刊和音像出版物,须报经主管单位批准,并经县级以上(含县级)新闻出版(文化)行政机关或音像管理机关核准并发给准印证,方可印制。违者亦视为非法出版活动。



三、 任何国营、集体、个体发行单位和个人,均不得销售非法出版物。如有非法出版物,应一律停止销售,主动清理上缴所在地县(含县)以上人民政府指定的新闻出版(文化)行政机关和音像管理机关,就地销毁。

四、 对委印、承印、翻录、销售非法出版物的单位和个人,可视不同情节,分别给予警告、停业整顿、吊销注册登记证或营业执照,对直接责任人或领导者给予行政处分。



五、 这次打击非法出版活动,重点查处对象是大量委印、承印、翻录、销售非法出版物,所得暴利数额巨大的单位和个人。

六、 打击非法出版活动,既要坚决,又要稳妥。各地要从实际情况出发,实事求是,区别对待,以达到打击极少数严重不法分子、教育大多数的目的。

七、 这次打击非法出版活动由各级人民政府领导,新闻出版、广播电影电视、工商行政管理、公安部门具体负责,文化管理部门予以积极配合和支持;邮电、轻工、交通、铁道、海关等有关部门要加强联系,互通情况,密切配合。对涉及几个地区的查处对象,有关地区应当及时通报,协同动作。

八、 当前要抓住一两个重大典型案件尽快查清,依法处理,并运用报纸、广播、电视加以宣传,以推动全国的查处工作。

九、 查处经费,按财政部《关于发布<罚没财物和追回赃款赃物管理办法>的通知(1986年财预字第228号)的有关规定办理。

十、 为改变目前书刊印刷业混乱的状况,由公安机关按照有关规定把印刷业作为“特种行业”进行管理。各级人民政府要指定有关机构或人员,负责对所在地的印刷厂特别是乡镇小印刷厂实行经常性的检查和监督。



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