Opinion Concerning Questions on Reprinting of Radio and Television Programme Notices

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Sending work unit: National Copyright Administration

Document number: [87] NCA no. 54

The report of five news organizations, such as the China Weekly Television Guide and others, attached to your letter of 14 November 1987 has been received and read. Our opinion:

1: Radio and television programme notices, should be considered as news information, and does not count as a work category of which copyright is protected.

2: Radio and television guides should be seen as periodicals, and the provisions of Article 8 of the “Trial Regulations on Copyright Protection of Books and Periodicals” may be applied, they comprise one whole, copyright is enjoyed by their editors.

3: Radio and television guides, if they believe that it is necessary may state: the programme notice of this periodical are only permitted to be partially reprinted (such as permitted to reprint the same day’s and next day’s), but may not be completely copied or reprinted.








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