Notice Concerning Strictly Grasping the Furnishing of a Foreign Books and Periodicals Published in our Country Catalogue

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(27 December 1987)

In recent years, there have now and then been foreigners contacting publishing work units and libraries in our country to request furnishing a catalogue of books and periodicals published in our country.

In the past, under the circumstance where, our country did not have copyright legislation and did not join international copyright treaties, many foreign books have been translated, reprinted and published. At present, our country is formulating the Copyright Law, and foreigners having a relative complete grasp on the situation of translating, reprinting and publishing of foreign works in our country, will not be beneficial to the progressive resolution of foreign-related copyright relationships according to the state and planning of our country, after the legislation of copyright, and may make our country lose the initiative concerning the aspects of importing of foreign books and periodicals and foreign-related copyright trade from now on. Therefore, you are requested not to furnish a catalogue of foreign books and periodicals translated or reprinted and published in our country to foreigners, when publishers explain the book publishing situation to foreigners, they may present the books and periodicals openly published and distributed by that publisher in an abstract fashion.

All provincial, autonomous region and municipal Press and Publications Bureaus are requested to transmit this Notice to the publishers of that region. As this relates to the work of the entire Administration, it must be strictly grasped.



请各省、自治区、直辖市新闻出版局将此通知转告本地区的出版社。事关全局工作,务必从严掌握。 (中央法规)


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