People’s Republic of China Customs Management Regulations on Individuals Bringing or Sending Printed Goods Into or Out of the Borders

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(Promulgated by the General Administration of Customs on 15 June 1988)

Article 1: In order to implement the State’s policy of opening up to the outside world and relevant management regulations, stimulate foreign scientific, technological and cultural exchange, these regulations are promulgated.

Article 2: Printed goods as named in these regulations, refers to all sorts of printed products, as well as photographic negatives, photographs, paper moulds, paintings, paper cuts, manuscripts, photocopies, written copies, etc.

Article 3: Individuals bringing or sending printed goods into and out of the borders, must declare them to Customs, and accept Customs supervision and management.

Article 4: Individuals bringing or sending printed goods into the borders, where there is no content prohibited to enter the borders found through Customs inspection, will be let through in reasonable quantities for personal use; where these are exceeded, the goods will be consigned to exit the borders.

Article 5: Printed goods having the following content are prohibited to enter the borders:

1. Those attacking the relevant provisions of the Constitution of the People’s Republic of China; defiling present State policies; slandering the leaders of the People’s Republic of China; inciting subversion or destruction of the People’s Republic of China; fabricating ethnic separation; or advocating “Two Chinas” or “Taiwanese independence”.

2. Those concretely describing sexual activities or obscene pornography.

3. Religious printed goods of foreign religious groups, organs or under individual names for distribution in China.

4. Those propagating divination, astrology, feng shui, fortune telling and other superstitious content.

5. Other content harmful to the People’s Republic of China’s politics, economy, culture or morals.

Article 6: Where printed goods brought or sent out of the borders by individuals, and are found to have conform to the following content through Customs inspection, are permitted to exit the borders:

1. Books, newspapers and magazines openly published within the borders.

2. Copies of the family tree of the individual’s household.

3. Contracts, agreements, letters of confirmations, etc., signed with foreign legal persons, as well as examination and approval documents concerning contract clauses that do not involve State secrets.

4. After examination and verification by the work unit of the individual or the relevant department, individual manuscripts that are permitted to exit the borders.

5. Other printed goods that do not involve State secrets, or do not fall under categories prohibited to exit the borders by State regulations.

Article 7: Individuals bringing or sending printed goods into the borders, and file untrue Customs declarations, or do not accept Customs inspection, or are found to have content prohibited to enter the borders through Customs inspection, will be dealt with by Customs according to the provisions of the “Customs Law of the People’s Republic of China” and the “People’s Republic of China Customs Law Administrative Punishment Implementation Rules”, as well as other relevant laws and regulations.

Article 8: Management of individuals bringing or sending records, audiotapes, videotapes, video discs, film tapes and other audiovisual products, as well as computer tapes, magnetic tapes, magnetic discs, compact discs and other storage media into or out of the borders, will be handled in the light of these Regulations

Article 9: These Regulations take effect on the date of promulgation.



第一条 为贯彻国家对开放政策和有关管理规定,促进对外科技、文化交流,制定本规定。

第二条 本规定所称进出境的印刷品,是指各类印刷制品,以及摄影底片、照片、纸型、绘画、剪贴、手稿、复印件、手抄本等。

第三条 个人携带和邮寄印刷品进出境,须向海关申报,接受海关监管。

第四条 个人携带和邮寄进境的印刷品,经海关查验,无禁止进境内容的,按自用合理数量放行;超出的,应予退运出境。

第五条 有下列内容之一的印刷品,禁止进境:

第六条 个人携带和邮寄出境的印刷品,经海关查验,符合下列内容的,准予出境:

第七条 个人携带和邮寄印刷品进出境,向海关申报不实,或不接受海关查验的,或经查验有禁止进出境内容的,海关依照《中华人民共和国海关法》和《中华人民共和国海关法行政处为实施细则》以及其它法规,进行处理。

第八条 个人携带和邮寄的唱片、录音带、录像带、视盘、电影胶片等音像制品,以及计算机的纸带、磁带、磁盘、光盘等存储介质进出境的管理,比照本规定办理。

第九条 本规定自发布之日起实施。


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