Month: July 1988

Provisional Regulations concerning the Management of the Cover, Illustrations and Publication Advertising of Publications

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5 July 1988, Administration of Press and Publications

Recently, sexual, obscene images and imagery of terror and murder have appeared on the cover, in illustrations, content introductions, advertising and propaganda of some publications (including books, newspapers, periodicals, transcripts, videotapes, audiotapes, pictures) and especially literature and art-type publications, some even match this with stimulating and provocative language, the influence is very bad, and may lead to dissatisfaction of the broad masses. In order to protect the healthy growing up of youth, ensure that publishing and distribution work serves the construction of a Socialist spiritual civilization even better, with the permission of the State Council, the following provisional regulations have been made concerning publication covers, illustrations and advertising for publications: Read the rest of this entry »


Concerning Reiterating the Regulations Strictly Prohibiting Obscene Publications

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Our country’s “Criminal Law” and “Public Order Management Regulations” strictly prohibit the production, peddling, sale, rental or transmission of obscene publications, the State Council and relevant department have repeatedly promulgated administrative regulations, banning obscene publications and restricting publications containing a little obscene content. In recent times, some publishing work units have violated regulations, and vied to publish obscene reading materials and reading materials containing a little obscene content, poisoning people’s thoughts, harming the physical and mental health of minors, and inducing crime. In order to strictly enforce law and discipline, protect the physical and mental health of the broad readers and especially youth, safeguard social morals, and persist in constructing a Socialist spiritual civilization, hereby, the following regulations are seriously reiterated as follows: Read the rest of this entry »