Month: November 1988

Provisional Periodical Management Regulations

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(Promulgated on 24 November 1988 by the Administration of Press and Publications”

Chapter I: General Principles

Article 1: In order to stimulate the flourishing and development of the Socialist science and culture undertaking, strengthen the administrative management of periodicals, and make periodicals serve the construction of a Socialist material civilization and spiritual civilization even better, these Regulations are formulated. Read the rest of this entry »


Notice concerning the Prohibition to Arrange Publication of Books Presenting the Situation of Officials in our Country’s Government

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Recently, some publishers and magazines have organized the compilation of directories, yearbooks and other books introducing the situation of officials in our country’s government (including: names, professions, scope of powers, individual interests and hobbies, etc.). Relevant leading departments have put forward an opinion: some materials relating to leading cadres of government organs are incorrect or should not be divulged to the outside world (such as the Ministry of Security, the Ministry of Public Security, etc.). This sort of materials, apart from the variety that has already been approved and compiled by Xinhua, may not be produced by other work units. Accordingly, all relevant publishers are requested to no longer arrange for the publication of this sort of books in the future.

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Notice concerning that Pictures of the Examination of State Officials May Not Be Published Without Authorization

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Recently, the Personnel Department has put forward opinions concerning some publishers arranging the publication of pictures relating to the examination of State officials. The Personnel Department believes that: the conduct of the State official system and all arrangements in procedures are grave and important work, and must be determined by the State government; content, requirements and methods relating to the State Official Examinations must be researched and put forward by the Personnel Department.

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Notice concerning Further Strengthening Foreign Cooperative Film Production Management Work

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After the “CCP Central Committee Secretariat and the State Council Secretariat Notice Transmitting the ‘Central Propaganda Department Some Regulations concerning Strengthening Management of Foreign Cooperative Production of Films and Television Films'” (ZBF No. (1985)49) was promulgated, the implementation situation is basically good. Since three years, our country has obtained clear achievements in the areas of foreign cooperative film and television film production, which has had a vigorous function in stimulating international cultural exchange and launching foreign amicable cooperation. Read the rest of this entry »

Notice concerning Continuing to Investigate and Capture Obscene Publications and Illegal Publications

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No. [88]XCA5

All provincial, autonomous region and municipal press and publications bureaus, and public security offices (bureaus)

Recently, all localities’ press and publications, and security departments have, on the basis of State Council instructions, adopted forceful measures in the activities to inspect and capture obscene and sexual publications, and attack illegal publishing activities, they have done great amounts of work, and severely punished law-breakers and criminals, causing a certain turn for the better in the book market. But, in a number of cities, obscene and sexual publications that have already been subject to a banning order are still sold at high price, illegal publishing activities also rear their head again, bringing about grave harm to society. In order to deeply implement the Centre’s spirit concerning banning obscene and sexual publication and strictly attacking illegal publishing activities, and further do this work well, the following is hereby notified: Read the rest of this entry »

Minutes of the Punishing Illegal Publication Criminal Activities According to the Law Work Symposium

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All provincial, autonomous region and municipal Higher People’s Courts and People’s Procuratorates, Liberation Army Courts Martial, Military Procuratorates:

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Notice concerning Strengthening Proofreading Work of Newspapers, Periodicals and Books

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General Administration of Press and Publications

Doing the proofreading work of newspapers, periodicals and books well is an important method to strengthen and improve press and publications management. Its task is to understand the content of newspapers, periodicals and books, to grasp publishing trends; researching the prominent advances or tendentious problems emerging in the publishing of newspapers, periodicals and books; providing situations and suggestions to leadership at higher level related to newspapers, periodicals and books, in order to conduct supervision and macro-level guidance over newspaper, periodical and book publishing work, assist newspaper publishers, periodical publishers and book publishers to summarize experiences, raise the quality of newspapers, periodicals and books, and stimulate the flourishing and development of Socialist science and culture. To this end, the following is notified: Read the rest of this entry »

Some Provisional Regulations concerning Local Foreign Affairs Work in Radio and Television

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5 November 1988

Ministry of Radio, Film and Television

(This document has been approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs)

In the past few years, following the implementation of our country’s reform and opening up policy, and especially after the Centre put forward the strategy to develop the coastal provinces, the radio and television system has launched multi-level, multi-channel and multi-variational foreign exchange activities from the Centre to the localities. In order to adapt to the new circumstances of reform, and on the basis of the principles of the Centre concerning specialized management and hierarchical approval, hereby, the 7th Clause of the 1986 Ministry of Radio, Film and Television Implementation Rules to Implement the CCP Central Committee and State Council “Regulations concerning Examination and Approval Powers for Dispatching Personnel Temporarily Leaving the County and Inviting Foreign Personnel to Visit China” is revised as follows: Read the rest of this entry »