Notice concerning Further Strengthening Foreign Cooperative Film Production Management Work

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After the “CCP Central Committee Secretariat and the State Council Secretariat Notice Transmitting the ‘Central Propaganda Department Some Regulations concerning Strengthening Management of Foreign Cooperative Production of Films and Television Films'” (ZBF No. (1985)49) was promulgated, the implementation situation is basically good. Since three years, our country has obtained clear achievements in the areas of foreign cooperative film and television film production, which has had a vigorous function in stimulating international cultural exchange and launching foreign amicable cooperation.

Following the development of circumstances, foreign and Hong Kong region film and television circles’ requests for cooperative film production to us increase day by day, in recent years, some work units and individuals have emerged who have received foreign sides for film shooting without undergoing permission by the controlling department, who wilfully collected monies and other phenomena; a few receiving work units and individuals have even not imposed limit on the content produced by the foreign side, seeking private gain, causing in the foreign side using loopholes, taking pictures and source material covertly, some of this is even disseminated and screened abroad, to slander our country’s related policies.

In order to benefit the implementation of our policy to open up to the outside world, ensure the healthy development of international cultural exchange, strictly implement relevant State policies and further strengthen management over foreign cooperative film production, hereby, the following is notified:

I, Foreign cooperative film or television film production, must be handled on the basis of the provisions of documents ZBF No. (1984)27, ZBF No. (1985) 49 and Ministry of Radio, Film and Television document no. (1986)112 (after the Ministry of Radio, Film and Television was established in 1986, the film undertaking, including foreign cooperative film production work all falls under the specialized management of the Ministry of Radio, Film and Television). All film production work units that have been approved by the State Council for foreign cooperative film production of all sorts of films, must report to the Ministry of Radio, Film and Television Film Undertaking Management Bureau for examination and approval together with the Foreign Affairs Bureau; all television departments engaging in foreign cooperative television film production must report to the Ministry for Radio, Film and Television Foreign Affairs Bureau for specialized examination and approval. Important film and television production themes are to be reported to the State Council for examination and approval together with the Central Propaganda Department. Apart from the abovementioned work units and work units provided by document no. ZBF (1984)27, no individual, collective, organ or group, without undergoing Ministry of Radio, Film and Television approval, may engage in foreign cooperative production of feature films, documentaries, television dramas and special subject films (including assisting foreign sides in production).

II, All localities’ Customs are to examine the Ministry of Radio, Film and television Foreign Affairs Bureau and Film Undertaking Bureau approval documents for imported film and television equipment, tape, videotapes, etc., for use in film production, and the subordinate work units’ declaration forms, to handle temporary import formalities Concerning acts violating Customs supervision regulations, all localities’ Customs shall strictly impose punishment according to the provisions of the “Customs Law of the People’s Republic of China.

Central Propaganda Department, etc.








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