Month: December 1988

Provisional Regulations concerning Appraising Obscene and Sexual Publications

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27 December 1988, Administration of Press and Publications.

Article 1: In order to implement the State Council “Regulations concerning Strictly Prohibiting Obscene Goods” and the “Regulations concerning Reiterating the Strict Prohibition of Obscene Publications, and clarify the appraisal standards for obscene and sexual publications, these provisional Regulations are formulated. Read the rest of this entry »


Notice concerning Prohibiting Recording, Producing and Publishing Audiovisual Publications of Performances by Criminals Currently Serving their Sentence

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GFL No. (1988)1014

All provincial, autonomous region and municipal radio and television offices (bureaus) and judicial offices (bureaus):

Since this year, some audiovisual publishing work units have incessantly produced and published audiotapes of song performances by criminals currently serving sentences. This sort of manner is utterly mistaken. Not only does it interfere with the reform work of criminals, it also attracts harmful influence on society. Because of this, the following provisions are hereby made: Read the rest of this entry »

Some Regulations concerning Questions about Publishing Books on the “Cultural Revolution”

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Recently, a number of publishers had published some books specially researching and introducing “Cultural Revolution” history, events and personalities; some publishers are now arranging theme selection in this area; there are also a number of publishers who solicit readers with guises such as “anecdotes”, “unknown stories” and “behind the scenes” about the so-called “Cultural Revolution” period, which has generated a bad influence on society. Recently, the Central leading comrades pointed out in regard to questions about publishing books on the “Cultural Revolution”: on the basis of the persistent spirit that the Centre looks ahead unitedly and as one, and that historical issues are easy to deal with coarsely but not in detail, as well as the instructions of Comrade Deng Xiaoping that we must strengthen Party concentration and unified leadership at present and give rein to political superiority, the present competition to publish the “Cultural Revolution Dictionary” extremely easily leads to tossing over in old blankets, attracting controversy, and there is no necessity for this. The methods of brushing aside and ignoring the “Notice” issued by the Central Propaganda Department, creating faits accomplis, and forcing the Centre to approve them cannot be accepted, and the past provisions of the Centre are reiterated, and it is pointed out that publishing this sort of books may lead to anti-effects, therefore, do not consider at all to apply to publish the “Cultural History Dictionary” within a corresponding period of time.

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