Provisional Regulations concerning Appraising Obscene and Sexual Publications

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27 December 1988, Administration of Press and Publications.

Article 1: In order to implement the State Council “Regulations concerning Strictly Prohibiting Obscene Goods” and the “Regulations concerning Reiterating the Strict Prohibition of Obscene Publications, and clarify the appraisal standards for obscene and sexual publications, these provisional Regulations are formulated.

Article 2: Obscene publications refers to publications that propagate obscene acts throughout, that has one of the following contents, provokes people’s sexual desires, is sufficient to lead ordinary people to become corrupt and degenerate, and has no artistic value or scientific value:

(1) salaciously and concretely describing sexual acts, intercourse and other psychological emotions;

(2) brazenly propagating sexual and lascivious images;

(3) salaciously describing or imparting sexual techniques;

(4) concretely describing methods, process or details of incest, rape or other sexual crimes, sufficient to induce crime;

(5) concretely describing sexual activities of minors;

(6) salaciously and concretely describing the sexual acts of homosexuals or other perverted acts, or concretely describing violence, abuse or humiliating acts related to perversion;

(7) other salacious descriptions of sexual acts that the average person cannot condone.

Article 3: Sexual publications refers to publications that are not obscene completely, but that includes some of the content provided in Clauses (1) until (7) of Article 2, that is harmful to the physical and mental health of average persons and especially youths, and that lack artistic value or scientific value.

Article 4: Literature and art works containing occasional obscene or sexual content and have artistic value; fine art products displaying the beauty of the human body; and natural science or social science works related to the human body, with dissection or psychological knowledge, birth knowledge, disease prevention or other matters related to sexual knowledge, sexual morals or sexual sociology, do not fall under the scope of obscene publications or sexual publications.

Article 5: The appraisal or identification of obscene publications and sexual publications is the responsibility of the Administration of Press and Publications. The Administration of Press and Publications organizes an obscene and sexual publication appraisal committee composed of experts from relevant departments, and undertake appraisal of obscene publications and sexual publications.

All provincial, autonomous region and municipal press and publications bureaus organize an obscene and sexual publications appraisal committee composed of experts from relevant departments, and provide an appraisal or identification opinions concerning obscene publications or sexual publications discovered within their administrative regions to the Administration of Press and Publications.







第一条 为了实施国务院《关于严禁淫秽物品的规定》和《关于重申严禁淫秽出版物的规定》,明确淫秽及色情出版物的认定标准,特制定本暂行规定。

第二条 淫秽出版物是指在整体上宣扬淫秽行为,具有下列内容之一,挑动人们的性欲,足以导致普通人腐化堕落,而又没有艺术价值或者科学价值的出版物:








第三条 色情出版物是指在整体上不是淫秽的,但其中一部分有第二条(一)至(七)项规定的内容,对普通人特别是未成年人的身心健康有毒害,而缺乏艺术价值或者科学价值的出版物。

第四条 夹杂淫秽、色情内容而具有艺术价值的文艺作品;表现人体美的美术作品;有关人体的解剖生理知识、生育知识、疾病防治和其他有关性知识、性道德、性社会学等自然科学和社会科学作品,不属于淫秽出版物、色情出版物的范围。

第五条 淫秽出版物、色情出版物由新闻出版署负责鉴定或者认定。新闻出版署组织有关部门的专家组成淫秽及色情出版物鉴定委员会,承担淫秽出版物、色情出版物的鉴定工作。




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