Month: February 1989

Notice Concerning Some Questions in Audiovisual Publication and Distribution Work

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Since recent times, the phenomenon of violation of relevant regulations in publication and distribution of audiovisual publications has appeared repeatedly, causing large confusion in the audiovisual market, gravely endangering the healthy development of audiovisual undertakings. Against this, all localities shall realistically strengthen supervision and management, strictly investigate and prosecute activities violating audiovisual management regulations. The relevant questions are hereby notified as follows: Read the rest of this entry »


Central Committee Some Opinions Concerning Further Flourishing of Literature and Art

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(17 February 1989)

Since the 3rd Plenum of the 11th Party Congress, a new picture of flourishing and prosperity has emerged in our country’s literature and art undertakings. Following the vigorous development of Socialist modernization construction and the incessant deepening of reform and opening up, literature and art undertakings are facing new circumstances and tasks. Earnestly implementing the basic Party line in the primary stage of Socialism, summarizing the historical experiences since founding the country and especially in the decade of the new period, reforming and strengthening Party leadership over literature and art undertakings, and persisting in principles and policies for the long-term and stable development of literature and art, has an important meaning for consolidating and developing stability and unity, a democratic and harmonious political picture, stimulating the Socialist material civilization and spiritual civilization construction as well as the further flourishing Socialist literature and art. Read the rest of this entry »