Notice concerning Reiterating Regulations on Internally Distributed Books

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The Central Propaganda Department and the then State Publishing Bureau have made clear regulations concerning internal book publishing and distribution in the past. But, in recent times, a number of distribution work units and publishers have set up their own distribution departments, violating the regulations on internal book wholesale and retail, resulting in some internally distributed books flowing onto open distribution markets, creating a harmful influence on society, at the same time, it has also brought about confusion in book distribution work. In order to strengthen management over this work, the following regulations are hereby reiterated:

I, Publishers should clearly determine the reading audience and supply scope, on the basis of the content of the book. All books of which the content is unsuitable for open distribution, should be distributed internally, and the line “internal distribution” should be printed on the back cover and in the colophon.

II, Internally distributed books are sold without exception by Xinhua bookstores or distribution departments run by publishers themselves, internally distributed books with a relatively high secrecy level or under special provisions are to be distributed by the publisher to the audience, according to the determined scope. Distribution department must strictly handle matters according to regulations, and may not change or expand the distribution scope as they please.

III, Internally distributed books may not be wholesaled to collective and individual bookstores or bookstalls, and may also not be wholesaled to town and country supply collectives and ordinary commercial salesrooms for retail.

IV, Internally distributed books may not be propagated in newspapers, periodicals, radio or television or carry advertising, they may not be displayed on the bookshelves of salesrooms or in bookcases.

V, Antiquariats retrieving internally distributed books must also sell them internally according to regulations, and may not openly display them in the salesroom.

VI, All publishing and distribution work units must strictly manage internally distributed books, and establish regular inspection systems. All cases where internal book distribution regulations are violated, will be dealt with according to the following methods in view of the gravity of the circumstances.

1. Xinhua bookstores and publishers violating internally distributed book propaganda, display, retail and wholesale regulations must be reported for criticism, and be given economic punishment, where circumstances are grave, the responsibility of the main responsible persons and work units must also be investigated. The punishment decision is made by the local press and publications bureau.

2. Where work units and individuals other than Xinhua bookstores, book antiquariats and publishers selling internally distributed books, the internally distributed books are confiscated, and they are punished with a fine. The punishment decision is made by the local administrative industry and commerce management organ.

Administration of Press and Publications, State Administration of Industry and Commerce












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