Notice Concerning Establishment of an Examination and Projection Classification System for a Number of Films

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MRFT No (1989)201, 25 March 1989

In order to implement the important guidelines of Central Committee Document No. NDC (1988)14 concerning the “necessity of establishing an examination grading films, formulating clear regulations concerning film works unsuitable for viewing by primary and secondary school students”, protect the mental and bodily health of widespread primary and secondary school students, it is decided to implement a classification system for a number of films. The concrete opinions are as follows:

I, Implementing a guiding ideology for a film classification system

To establish a classification system for a number of films, does absolutely not mean a change of film examination standards. Regardless of whether a film viewed by adults or youths (16 years or lower, 16 years included, the same below) is concerned, its examination must always persist in the Centre’s guiding ideology concerning the construction of a social spiritual civilization and the “Double Hundred” policy, and must take providing a rich and healthy spiritual nourishment of the wide people masses, especially the wide youth and children as a starting point.

After the implementation of a classification system, the China Children’s’ Film Studio and other film studios engaged in children’s feature film production, must attach even more attention to incessantly raising children films’ thought and art quality, to satisfy the wide youth and children spiritual and cultural life needs both in quality and quantity.

II, Concrete rules for implementation of a film examination classification system

(1) Film Examination Organs – – Film sector management bureaus authorized by our Ministry, when examining domestic and imported films respectively according to standards, must clearly delimit the following kinds of “unsuitable for viewing by youth and children” (hereafter simply named “unsuitable for children”) films, being:

1. All films with a plot containing rape, theft, drug use, drug trafficking, prostitution, etc.

2. All films with a plot containing violence, murder and fighting that easily causes children to be frightened.

3. All films with a plot showing passion and sexual activities.

4. All films showing social deformation phenomena.

(2) For all imported and domestic films rated as “unsuitable for children” by entities and bureaux, when China Film Corporation delivers them to a factory for dubbing or developing copies of imported films, or the relevant film studio submits a standard copy, on the movie titles, the phrase “unsuitable for children” shall be printed, in order to indicate the difference of an adult film: when film sector management bureaux transmit the passing decree of a film, shall clearly indicate the phrase “unsuitable for children”.

III, Concrete rules for projection (broadcast) of films “unsuitable for children”

(1) All levels’ film distribution and projection companies and all projection work units, may not organize special projections for children, shall use multiple means, such as a film playbill, film and television propaganda advertisements, etc. to show the phrase “unsuitable for children” to the audience.

(2) All levels’ film distribution and projection companies may not rent to primary and secondary school students for viewing.

(3) All projection units implementing ticket-selling for projection, may without exception not sell tickets to children, may not allow children to enter (when selling tickets and during entering they must inspect relevant papers such as student cards or residence booklets, etc.)

(4) They may not be supplied to rural mobile film projection teams for projection.

(5) It is prohibited to provide them to television stations for broadcast.

The following Provisional Rules take effect on 1 May 1989. Simultaneously, opinions and reactions from all parts of society will be heard. After one year, suitable revision or amendment will be carried out according to the real situation, and will be officially transmitted for implementation in the form of administrative regulation.


广发影字[1989]201号 1985-3-25




















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