Month: April 1989

Notice concerning the Prohibition of Publication of Books that Propagate Ignorance and Superstition

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Recently, some individual street vendors and collective work unit have illegally edited, printed and distributed things of the sort of “The Five Elements Fortune-telling Book”, “The Physiognomy of Fingers and Palm”, “The Physiognomy of Three Generations” and “Exploring Auspicious Feng Shui in the Home”, to seek profit and in brazen violation of relevant State publishing regulations. Some official state publishers have, to pursue economic gain, without considering relevant State regulations, and under the excuse of academic research on ethnic customs and traditional culture, also published these sorts of books, and have even engaged in “cooperative” publishing with collective work units. For example, “Divination and Analysis” and “Forecasting the Human Life”, present physiognomy and fortune-telling in great length and detail. This sort of books violates science, violates reason, propagates ignorance and superstition, destroys the social atmosphere, gravely harms the construction of a Socialist spiritual civilization. This problem must be given high regard, and dealt with severely. On the basis of the Constitution and the spirit of relevant State regulations, the following is notified: Read the rest of this entry »


Notice concerning Re-Approval and Issue of Journalist Cards

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In recent years, a number of news work units have been relatively chaotic in the issuance and use of journalist cards, and situations have even emerged of excess issue of journalist cards, covert sale of journalist cards as well as lawbreakers forging journalist cards or using them under a false name to swindle by posing as a journalist; some non-news organs have also wildly issued journalists cards, engendering a very bad influence on society. In order to safeguard regular newsgathering activities of news work units, guarantee the proper rights and interests of news journalists, and strengthen management over journalists’ activities, it is hereby decided to re-approve and issue journalist cards to all newspaper (periodical) publishers, news agencies, radio stations, television stations and newsreel studios, the relevant matters in this regard are notified as follows: Read the rest of this entry »