Month: May 1989

Opinions concerning Providing All Provincial, Autonomous Region, Municipal and Plan-Listed Cities’ Television Stations with Films for Broadcast

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Because of the development and changing circumstances of the film and television sector, the “Regulations Concerning Supplying Television Stations with Films for Broadcast” originally formulated jointly by the Ministry of Culture and the Central Radio Sector Bureau on 24 October 1979 ((79) CR No. 941), does not conform anymore with the present real circumstances. In order to coordinate the relation between television and film, stimulate cooperation between television and film, on 31 March 1989, the China Film Distribution and Projection Company (hereafter simply named China Film Company) and China Central Television have, through amicable negotiation, again concluded the “Agreement Concerning Furnishing China Central Television with Films for Broadcast”, and put it into practice. With reference to the principles of this agreement, all provincial, autonomous region, municipal and designated city television stations (hereafter simply named television stations) and film distribution and projection companies (hereafter simply named film companies) shall, as soon as possible conduct amicable negotiations, and according to the concrete circumstances of that locality, jointly draft and sign agreements on providing television stations with films for broadcast.

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Notice concerning Strengthening Book and Periodical Market Management Work

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Following the incessant deepening of reform and opening up, our country’s publishing undertaking has developed greatly, newspaper, periodical and book distribution and sales markets have also become more dynamic every day, enriching the cultural life of the people in town and country, and stimulating the construction of a Socialist spiritual civilization. But, a few problems still exist in management work. In order to further strengthen book and periodical publishing, distribution and sales management work, the Ministry of Culture and the Administration of Press and Publications have done research, and notify the following: Read the rest of this entry »

Use the Constitution and the Law to Unify Thoughts

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26 May 1989

Today, I have been entrusted by the Centre to invite a few old comrades-in-arms, old comrades and old friends for a chat, and to vent a little.

The motivations for these student demonstrations are good, pure, kind and constructive, the objective is to overcome flaws and mistakes in work, and to run State affairs and the Socialist system even better, this is consistent with our requirements. But the methods and means that they have adopted is not very appropriate. This is not the fault of the children. First, they do not know the law or don’t know it well. Second, they lack political experience, and are insufficiently on guard against the treacherous intentions of an extremely, extremely small number of conspirators and evildoers who seize the opportunity to cause turmoil. These old comrades of ours have a responsibility to help them and make them alert. Otherwise, we will let the children down. Read the rest of this entry »

Notice concerning Further Investigating and Prosecuting False Publishing Work Units Conducting Illegal Publishing Work

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Recently, illegal publishing activities have gained some ground, some lawbreakers actually pose as official publishing work units seeking quick and large profits, and engage in book and periodical printing and distribution of their own initiative, aggravating the chaos on the book and periodical market, and gravely disordering regular publishing order. In order to do so, the following is notified: Read the rest of this entry »