Notice concerning Further Investigating and Prosecuting False Publishing Work Units Conducting Illegal Publishing Work

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Recently, illegal publishing activities have gained some ground, some lawbreakers actually pose as official publishing work units seeking quick and large profits, and engage in book and periodical printing and distribution of their own initiative, aggravating the chaos on the book and periodical market, and gravely disordering regular publishing order. In order to do so, the following is notified:

I, All provincial, autonomous region, municipal and plan-listed city press and publications bureaus must concentrate forces in the near future and conduct a one-time inspection, all work units and individuals posing as publishing work units and engaging in publishing and distribution activities that are discovered, shall be strictly punished, apart from confiscating their profits, a heavy fine is also implemented. False work units having a business licence shall also have their business licence revoked in consultation with the administrative industry and commerce management department; where circumstances are grave, criminal responsibility must be investigated according to the law.

II, Those printing and distributing, posing as a printing work unit, must be earnestly and fully investigated, after thorough investigation, they shall be gravely punished. Publications printed or distributed by false work units are confiscated without exception, and pulped on the spot. In the process of investigation and prosecution, all localities’ administrative press and publications management departments are requested to cooperate closely with industry and commerce, and public security departments, and mutually support them.

III, All publishing work units must timely report to the administrative publishing management organ concerning infringing activities where illegal publishing activities pose as that work unit, vigorously and actively coordinated to investigate and prosecute matters as soon as possible, and when necessary, a lawsuit may be filed with the judicial organs.

IV, All publishing work units must strengthen management, and must strictly punish people inside publishers who collude with lawbreakers, adopt all kinds of methods to misuse the name of the publishing work unit, and conduct unlawful publishing activities.

V, In all cases violating the General Administration of Press and Publication document No. (89)XCTZY47 “Supplementary Provisions concerning Cooperative Publishing, Printing and Distribution Agency”, all obstacles must be removed to firmly investigate and prosecute matters.










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