Month: June 1989

Hebei Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee Resolution concerning Strengthening Book and Newspaper Publishing and Market Management

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The 7th Standing Committee of the Hebei Provincial People’s Congress, at its 8th Meeting, listened to and deliberated the report of the provincial People’s Government concerning the situation of publishing work and book and periodical management in the entire province. The Meeting found that, our province’s publishing work has, under the guidance of “serving the people and serving Socialism” and the “Two Hundreds” policy, obtained great achievements in recent years, and a batch of relatively influential good books and periodicals have been published; many measures have been adopted to rectify newspaper and periodical publishers and attack illegal publishing activities, which had a vigorous effect on cleaning up book, periodical and cultural markets. But, it must be soberly considered that, because of the influence of bourgeois liberalization ideological trends, and the overly lenience of administrative management, the phenomena of grave confusion still exists in editing, printing, distribution, book and periodical markets and other aspects. In our provinces’ book and periodical markets, books and periodicals with a vulgar style, or which are even reactionary, obscene, sexual, violent or superstitious still circulate in large numbers, poisoning people’s thoughts, gravely harming the physical and mental health of minors and inducing crime, the broad popular masses are extremely dissatisfied about this. Read the rest of this entry »


“Provisional Periodical Management Regulations” Administrative Punishment Implementation Rules

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22 June 1989, General Administration of Press and Publications

Article 1: According to the “Provisional Periodical Management Regulations” (hereafter simply named “Rules”), in order to implement the provisions relating to administrative punishment, these Rules are formulated.

Article 2: In all cases of violations of the “Provisional Periodical Management Regulations”, administrative press and publications management organs impose the following administrative punishment according to these Rules: Read the rest of this entry »

Speech when Receiving the Capital Martial Law Army Troop-Level or Higher Cadres

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Deng Xiaoping

9 June 1989

Comrades, you’ve worked hard!

First and foremost, I express my deepest condolences with the PLA officers and men, Armed Police officers and men, Public Security and Police comrades who have given up their life heroically in this struggle! I express my intimate sympathies with the thousands of PLA officers and men, Armed Police officers and men, Public Security and Police comrades who have been wounded in this struggle! I extend intimate regards to the LA officers and men, Armed Police officers and men, Public Security and Police comrades who have participated in this struggle!

I suggest that everyone stands up in tribute to the fallen martyrs! Read the rest of this entry »