Hebei Provincial People’s Congress Standing Committee Resolution concerning Strengthening Book and Newspaper Publishing and Market Management

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The 7th Standing Committee of the Hebei Provincial People’s Congress, at its 8th Meeting, listened to and deliberated the report of the provincial People’s Government concerning the situation of publishing work and book and periodical management in the entire province. The Meeting found that, our province’s publishing work has, under the guidance of “serving the people and serving Socialism” and the “Two Hundreds” policy, obtained great achievements in recent years, and a batch of relatively influential good books and periodicals have been published; many measures have been adopted to rectify newspaper and periodical publishers and attack illegal publishing activities, which had a vigorous effect on cleaning up book, periodical and cultural markets. But, it must be soberly considered that, because of the influence of bourgeois liberalization ideological trends, and the overly lenience of administrative management, the phenomena of grave confusion still exists in editing, printing, distribution, book and periodical markets and other aspects. In our provinces’ book and periodical markets, books and periodicals with a vulgar style, or which are even reactionary, obscene, sexual, violent or superstitious still circulate in large numbers, poisoning people’s thoughts, gravely harming the physical and mental health of minors and inducing crime, the broad popular masses are extremely dissatisfied about this.

In order to earnestly implement the spirit of the 4th Plenum of the 13th Party Congress, persist in the Four Cardinal Principles, launch education and struggle to oppose bourgeois liberalization, eliminate spiritual pollution, strengthen our provinces’ book and periodical publishing and market management work, and stimulate the construction of a Socialist spiritual civilization and material civilization, the following Decision is made:

I, The publishing undertaking is an important component part of constructing a Socialist spiritual civilization and material civilization, and is an important battlefield for propagating Marxism-Leninism, Mao Zedong Thought and the Party’s line, principles and policies, and for propagating Socialist democracy and the legal system, transforming culture and scientific knowledge, it has a deep and broad influence on the ideological and cultural quality of the entire nation, the moral customs of the entire society and the growing up of minors, and even the progress of material production technology and management. Because of this, all levels’ People’s Governments must realistically strengthen guidance over publishing work, earnestly persist in the Four Cardinal Principles, oppose bourgeois liberalization with colours flying, and even better persist in the principle of “serving the people and serving Socialism”. To continue in deepening reform, social interest must be put first from start to finish.

II, The broad publishing workers must strengthen a sense of social responsibility and raise professional moral levels. It is necessary to optimize topic selection, strive to provide healthy and beneficial books and periodicals to the broad readers, and vigorously support the publication of excellent academic, scientific and technological works. It is strictly prohibited to publish books and periodicals propagating bourgeois liberalization ideologies and content that is reactionary, obscene, sexual, murderous, superstitious, etc.; other books and periodicals that are not beneficial to the healthy growing up of minors should also not be published. It is necessary to strictly abide by State and provisional laws and regulations related to publishing. Those making achievements must be given praise and awards, and those violating regulations must be severely punished.

Strengthen printing management, prevent illegal printing activities. Earnestly implement the “Provisional Rules on Printing Sector Management” jointly promulgated by the State Administration of Press and Publications, the Ministry of Public Security and the State Administration of Industry and Commerce.

III, Rectify distribution channels, fully give rein to the function of State-operated bookstores as main channels. Management must be strengthened over collective and individual bookshops and bookstalls and all other types of book and periodical sales points. State provisions concerning launching book and periodical wholesale business must be strictly implemented. State organs, groups and enterprise or undertaking work units may not engage in unauthorized publishing and distribution business, in order to safeguard the proper order of publishing and distribution work. All State-operated, collective and individual bookstores, bookstalls and all other book and periodical sales points are strictly prohibited to sell books, periodicals, pictorials or images that are reactionary, obscene, sexual, murderous or superstitious, etc. Powerful measures must be adopted against books and periodicals that are still being sold and have a vulgar style, and they must be earnestly cleaned up. All sorts of publications with a limited distribution scope must be strictly distributed within the provided scope, this may not be wilfully expanded. In book sales activities, State pricing policies must be earnestly implemented. All levels’ culture market management committees and administrative press and publications, culture, industry and commerce management, public security, pricing, taxation and other departments must fulfil their duties and responsibilities, use legal, administrative, economic, public opinion and other methods to rectify book and periodical market order. Special attention must be paid to management and education of individual booksellers. Businesspeople gravely violating the law must be determinedly banned and attacked.

IV, Strengthen the construction of the publishing legal system, establish social public opinion supervision systems. The formulation work of the provincial “Publishing Management Regulations” and “Cultural Market Management Regulations” must be grasped. Governments and relevant departments must appropriately adjust the economic policies for the publishing undertakings, vigorously formulate regulations, systems and measures concerning prohibiting reactionary, obscene, sexual, murderous and superstitions publications, and printing, distribution and other aspects. Mobilize and organize all walks of society to denounce producers, publishers and sellers of reactionary, obscene and other publications. All levels’ press and publications, and culture departments must fully give rein to administrative management and supervision functions. The directly controlling departments of periodical publishers must shoulder the leading responsibility over the periodicals they run. All relevant departments must closely cooperate, strictly enforce the law, coordinate actions and deal with matters comprehensively. Judicial authorities must severely punish those who produce or peddle reactionary, obscene and other publications, where this violates criminal law; concerning prohibited books that have entered circulation, public security and administrative industry and commerce management departments must coordinate with press and publications, and culture management departments, and vigorously organize investigation and prosecution.









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