CCP Central Committee Notice concerning Strengthening Propaganda and Ideology Work

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(28 July 1989)

In the entire work of the Party, propaganda and ideological work occupy an extremely important position. In the last ten years, persistence in the Four Cardinal Principles has been insufficiently consistent, ideological and political work has been extremely weak, this sort of situation must attract high attention, and be determinedly changed. According to the spirit of the 4th Plenum of the 13th Party Congress, hereby, issues related to strengthening propaganda and ideology work are notified as follows:

I, the guiding ideology and basic tasks of propaganda and ideology work

The documents of the 4th Plenum of the 13th Party Congress and the most recent important speeches of Comrade Deng Xiaoping are programmatic documents unifying the entire Party’s propaganda and ideology work, and are the guiding ideology that must be respected in the entire propaganda and ideology work.

The entire Party must persist in implementing the Party line, principles and policies since the 3rd Plenum of the 11th Party congress. The obligation to propagate the Four Cardinal Principles with clear colours flying is the basis of all our work, propagating reform and opening up is the reform and opening up of persisting in the Four Cardinal Principles, propagating reform and opening up is also endowing the Four Cardinal Principles with new content, and reform and opening up cannot be separated from or opposed to the Four Cardinal Principles.

The entire Party must soberly recognize that, our reform and opening up, and modernization construction are conducted in a complex international environment. The entire imperialist Western world schemes to let our country abandon the Socialist path, and become an accessory to the international monopolization of capital. They conduct political and ideological infiltration through many kinds of methods, and powerfully carry forward capitalist false “democracy”, “freedom” and “human rights”, incite and support bourgeois liberalization trends inside our country. We must conduct a protracted and determined struggle with this sort of “peaceful evolution” scheming and plotting, with clear colours flying. This is an extremely important task of propaganda and ideology work.

All organizations in the entire Party must revolve around the four large tasks that must be grasped at the moment on the basis of the requirements of the 4th Plenum, give extreme regard to and forcefully strengthen propaganda and ideology work, realistically oppose bourgeois liberalization, truly let Socialist ideology occupy the ideological battlefield, and exert unremitting efforts to stabilize the situation, develop the economy, deepen reform and punish corruption, and to strengthen Party building, the construction of a spiritual civilization, democracy and legal system construction.

II, The significance of propagating the major organizational decisions of the 4th Plenum.

The 4th Plenum has conducted necessary adjustment to the membership of the Central leading organs, this has provided organizational guarantees to preserve the continuity of the Party line, principles and policies since the 3rd Plenum of the 11th Party Congress. It is necessary to forcefully propagate the importance of this adjustment, making every Party comrade conscious and trusting, supporting the new Central Standing Committee with Comrade Jiang Zemin at the core, safeguarding the prestige of this leading collective, and closely uniting around the Party Centre. It is necessary to earnestly propagate the foresight and the mainstay function of the older generation of proletariat revolutionaries, represented by Comrade Deng Xiaoping.

The 4th Plenum has made the decision to remove Comrade Zhao Ziyang from the Secretariat of the Party Central Committee and other leading positions. In order to let the broad Party members and masses understand the correctness and importance of this decision, it is necessary to openly expose and criticize the errors that Comrade Zhao Ziyang committed in supporting rebellion and splitting the Party during the anti-Party and anti-Socialist riots; openly expose and criticize him for being inactive in treating the Four Cardinal Principles and the principle of opposing bourgeois liberalization as long as he chaired party work, her has gravely overlooked party building, constructing a spiritual civilization and ideological and political work, which gravely damaged the Party’s undertaking. Through this exposure and criticism, enable the broad Party members and the masses to understand the importance and urgency of persisting in the Four Cardinal Principles and opposing bourgeois liberalization, understand the necessity and correctness of persisting in reform and opening up, and implementing the Party line, principles and policies even better. During propaganda and reporting, this sort of exposure and criticism must be put in appropriate locations, and must not be overly concentrated; it is necessary to have reasonable grounds, and matters should not be simplified; it is necessary to conform to the line of action and scope of the documents, and matters should not conflict with the policies and measures of reform and opening up determined by the Party Centre and the State Council or the laws passed by the National People’s Congress, they should also not involve matters that are unsuitable for publication. If there are different opinions concerning concrete policies and measures, these can be put forward internally and reflected upwards, there must be no open discussion, in order to avoid scattering energy.

III, Continuing to do propaganda end education work well to stop the rebellion, put down the riot and stabilize the situation.

At present, among a number of cadres and masses, and especially a number of university students and intellectuals, there still is a confused understanding concerning the truth, the nature and the source of this storm, concerning the policies and measures adopted by the Party Centre and the State Council, and even some erroneous viewpoints still exist here and there. It is necessary to unify people’s thoughts towards the analysis of Comrade Deng Xiaoping and the conclusion of the 4th Plenum, it is also necessary to do great amounts of arduous and meticulous propaganda, explanation and ideological education work. All levels’ Party organizations propaganda departments and the whole body of ideological and political work cadres must vigorously take up this complex and important task.

It is necessary to continue to organize Party members, cadres and the masses to deeply study the Central documents related to stopping the rebellion and putting the riot down. At the same time as earnestly resolving surface problems of ideological understanding, it is necessary to revolve around whether or not China must march the Socialist path after all, or whether it is necessary to persist in Communist Party leadership, and work to resolve deeper-laying ideological problems, fully understand the gravity of this struggle, which relates to the life and death of the Party and the country, fully understand the necessity of determinedly persisting in the Four Cardinal Principles and reform and opening up, fully understand the danger of the international monopolist capitalist scheme to overthrow the Socialist China through “peaceful evolution” schemes, fully understand the long-term nature and arduousness of the struggle against bourgeois liberalization.

It is necessary to target the ideological understanding problems of masses in different areas and at different levels, display facts, discuss reason, all sorts of vivid materials and forms that are easy for the masses to accept to explain this planned, organized and premeditated political rebellion, explain that this is the evil result of the excessive trend of bourgeois liberalization domestically and of anti-Communist and anti-Socialist forces intensifying their ideological and political infiltration. Relevant departments and localities must organize forces to write literary materials systematically exposing the truth of the rebellion and riot and its origins and development, produce a batch of image propaganda works and rapidly distribute them. Clear facts and distinguish right and wrong through exposure. It is necessary to both expose criminals engaging in beating, smashing, robbing, burning and killing, the heads and backbones of illegal organizations, and to expose the schemers, organizers, and inciters behind the screens, to expose these people who have obstinately persisted in their bourgeois liberalization viewpoints for a long time, who were involved in political conspiracy, who colluded with reactionary forces outside the country or the borders or provided Party and State core secrets to illegal organizations. The exposure and criticism of these people is an important content of the cadres and the masses engaging in vivid and realistic Four Cardinal Principles education, and to realistically oppose bourgeois liberalization.

The propaganda on stopping the rebellion and putting down the riot must both show clear colours and pay attention to policy. It is necessary to strictly differentiate two sorts of contradictions that are different in nature. It is necessary to determinedly struggle against and expose the extreme small number of counterrevolutionary rioters, our hearts and hands may absolutely not be weak and soft, softness will only bring disaster. Against people who do not understand truth or whose thoughts are extreme, who said something wrong at some point or made some mistake, it is necessary to, on the basis of united efforts, enthusiastically and patiently do persuasive education work well, as long as they understand and change, they are to be welcomed and may not be discriminated. It is necessary to as soon as possible release the absolute majority on the basis of distinguishing right and wrong. Propaganda and public opinion must fully reflect the gravity and maturity of the Party in guiding this struggle, strictly avoid any propaganda report going against laws or violating policies. The situation and methods in Beijing were not entirely the same as those in other regions, propaganda and reports must start from reality, and should be somewhat differentiated.

IV, Strengthen propaganda on construction, reform and clean government

Following the suppression of the counterrevolutionary rebellion, the Party and government have effectively controlled the situation, work in all localities and areas has already been restored to normality, in newspapers, radio and television reports directly related to the rebellion and riots, the focus must be on raising quality, and progressively reducing quantity. All propaganda and public opinion departments must strengthen all regular propaganda and reporting with economic construction at the centre. It is necessary to correctly propagate the economic situation, guide the masses to both see that the problems that exist in economic life are progressively being resolved, incessantly strengthening their faith, and to see that resolving the problems that have been accumulating over many years requires a certain process, requires exerting great efforts, and requires going through a few years of tight days. It is necessary to vigorously promote all localities and all departments to even better persist in reform and opening up, continue to conduct clean-up and rectification, control process, stabilize the economy, firmly compress the scale of capital construction, firmly control the growth speed of consumer spending and deeply launch activities concerning the two increases and the two reduction, forcefully develop agriculture, energy, communications and basic industries, increase production of commodities urgently needed on markets, guarantee effective supply, and stimulate the healthy development of the planned Socialist commodity economy. It is necessary to forcefully strengthen the consciousness of relying on the working classes wholeheartedly, further muster the vigour of intellectuals, give high regard to giving rein to the function of small and mid-size enterprises, give high regard to giving rein to the function of science and technology, greatly raise economic efficiency and labour productivity, and ensure the continued, coordinated and stable development of the national economy.

It is necessary to vigorously reflect the achievements and models of clean government construction, grasp propaganda and reporting of punishments for corruptions well. It is necessary to vigorously and effectively do public opinion coordination work in regards to the implementation of policies established in this field by Party and government, and major campaigns that must take place in the future, making the people understand the firm policy of our Party in opposing corruption and the strict attitude of correcting mistakes.

V, Persist in appropriately rectifying the propaganda, public opinion and cultural battlefield

In recent years, the broad cadres and masses working within the area of ideology have done large amounts of beneficial work and made great contributions in propagating the implementation of the Party line, principles and policies, and in promoting construction and reform. Among intellectuals, the large majority supports the Party and supports Socialism. But we must look at the facts that in the theoretical, news, culture, art and publishing spheres, the ideological trend of bourgeois liberalization is excessively grave. Mistakes in political orientation have occurred in a number of press and publications work units, social science research organs, culture and art academies and troupes. In this riot and rebellion, some newspapers have had the effect of adding fuel to the flames, with a very bad influence. We must adopt firm measures to realistically conduct ideological rectification and organizational rectification in a well-directed manner.

Press and publications work units, social science research organs, culture and art academies and troupes must conduct a one-time assessments of the behaviour of their cadres and Party members during this rebellion and riot. Those who behaved well must be rewarded; those who had doubts for a while, must be enthusiastically assisted and welcomed to follow; those who have mistaken words or deeds must, according to the different circumstances, be either criticized and educated, removed from key positions or subject to the necessary organizational punishment. The focus of work must be put on gaining and uniting the absolute majority. It is necessary to integrate the realities of work units’ work during these last years and especially the reality during the rebellion and riot, disseminate and earnestly conduct education on persisting in the Four Cardinal Principles and opposing bourgeois liberalization, and through patient and meticulous work, raise the ideological and political consciousness of cadres and Party members, rectify harmful tendencies, realistically strengthen the construction of theoretical, news, culture, art and publishing teams.

It is necessary to resolutely strengthen and adjust the leadership of some departments and work units in the ideological area. It is necessary to firmly cancel leadership positions or remove from leading positions those who opposed or resisted the Centre’s correct policy of stopping the rebellion and putting down the riot, or those who have propagated or supported bourgeois liberalization for a long time and have provided battlegrounds for it. These comrades who have truly persisted in the “one centre, two basic points” and have been able to maintain a high level of consistency with the Centre must be selected and appointed to undertake leading work in ideological departments. Comrades who consistently firmly opposed spiritual pollution and opposed bourgeois liberalization must be given free rein. Some comrades who are strong in politics and have a certain theoretical level and professional ability must be transferred from other departments to replenish propaganda and public opinion organs.

Propaganda departments must, together with press and publications management departments, organize forces to conduct analysis and clean-up of the present newspapers, periodicals and publishing houses, and put forward rectification plans. At present, there are excessively many newspapers and publishing houses, editorial force and paper supply is also difficulty, these should be greatly compressed, with a focus on raising quality and striving for a rational distribution. It is necessary to firmly cancel licenses of newspapers and publishing houses having made grave political orientation mistakes. It is necessary to resolutely resolve the problems that there are disastrously excessive numbers of books, periodicals and audiovisual products poisoning the youth and polluting the social atmosphere, and that this cannot be resolved by repeated bans. It is necessary to earnestly reform cultural markets, eradicate all sorts of publications and audiovisual products that are illegal, reactionary and gravely politically mistaken, or play up sex, violence and feudal superstition. At the same time, adopt measures to strictly manage publishing houses and printing plants (especially county and village-run printing plants), in order to cut off pollution at the source. It is necessary to realistically rectify social science research organs, culture and art troupes and associations or learned societies, all those where there are political mistakes with grave social impact or who are excessive in number must be cancelled or merged. Social science, literature and art associations and learned societies must be re-registered, the Ministry of Civil Affairs will put forward registration rules in consultation with relevant departments.

The responsibility for organizing the implementation of the above rectification and adjustment work lies with the relevant Central ministry or commission or provincial, autonomous region or municipal Party committees according to the relationship of subordination, propaganda departments must vigorously participate under the leadership of Party committees. This work must be grasped earnestly, and it is necessary to strive to grasp results within this year, and prevent going through the motions or carry out matters sloppily. Relevant departments, commissions and all provincial, autonomous region or municipal Party Committees must write reports for the Centre on the implementation situation.

VI, Strengthen and improve ideological and political work, stabilize and substantiate political and ideological work cadres and teams.

Ideological and political work is the fine tradition of the Party, and is our political superiority. It is necessary to adopt measures to speedily turn around the situation of weakness in ideological and political work in some localities and work units.

It is necessary to completely and consistently make persisting in the “one centre, two basic points” into basic ideology to educate the people, and especially educate students, and educate the whole body of cadres and Communist Party members. This work must be regularized, made concrete, realistically link up with the national situation of our country, go from history to the present day, go from facts to principles, open up problems one by one, and explain them clearly, systematically and persuasively. At the same time, pay attention to integrate the trends and tasks of all times and the ideological reality of the cadres and the masses, and conduct this deeply and repeatedly. It is necessary to strive to launch education on patriotism, Socialism, independence and initiative, arduous struggle, abiding by discipline and observing the law, and oppose extreme individualism, Mammonism, anarchism, ideologies worshipping foreign things and all sorts of degenerate and backward harmful trends, realistically strengthen the construction of a Socialist spiritual civilization. Propaganda, education, culture, press and publications departments, all mass organizations, all organs, schools, factories and villages must earnestly research matters, make plans and organize implementation.

It is necessary to according to new situations, and under the presupposition of forceful strengthening, realistically improve ideological and political work in aspects such as content, form, method, etc. All grass-roots Party organizations, including enterprise Party groups, are the political core of grass-roots work units, leading and conducting ideological and political work is their central task. It is necessary to continue to persist in implementing the factory head responsibility system in enterprises, factory heads and administrative cadres must integrate production, operation and doing ideological and political work well, vigorously improve the material conditions for constructing a spiritual society. It is necessary to preserve a line of capable full-time ideological and political work cadre teams, in places or work units where the ideological and political work cadre teams or Party committee functional organs have been gravely weaken or nullified, it is necessary to revive this line of cadre teams as quickly as possible. Higher education ideological and political work cadre team construction should be especially strengthened. Enterprises may allocate full-time ideological and political work cadres on the basis that the proportion does not exceed one per cent of the total number of workers. First and foremost, stabilize the present ideological and political work cadre teams, and select a batch of relatively excellent cadres in a planned manner to substantiate the original teams. Formulation of implementation plans for Ideological and political work cadre job title appraisal work should be grasped.

The most important aspect in doing ideological and political work well is strengthening the Party’s ideological construction. Practice demonstrates that, as long as the Party is able to maintain consistency in politics, ideology and action, the Party’s organization will have fighting strength and cohesion, and will be able to resolve difficulties and problems, no matter how great these are.  All levels’ Party organizations must grasp Party building with one mind, regularly conduct education on Communist ideals and morals for Party members and especially Party cadres, to educate them on persisting in the purpose of the Party to serve the people wholeheartedly, persist in the correct political orientation, strictly abide by organizational discipline, consciously undergo experimentation in governance, reform and opening up, consciously accept supervision from the Party and the people, lead in honesty in performing official duties, and have a pioneering and model function for the masses.

VII, Doing theoretical research, theoretical propaganda and theoretical education work well.

Ideological confusion is basically theoretical confusion. To understand the problem of bourgeois liberalization from the deepest level, efforts must be made in theoretical research and theoretical critique. It is necessary to organize theory workers to earnestly clean up and research all sorts of mistaken viewpoints that have been reflected in this rebellion and the excessive bourgeois liberalization over the last years, and, aimed at the right and wrong of theories that have been messed up, determine a batch of selected topics, and write articles and treatises that are full of persuasiveness and with deep theory. It is necessary to deeply analyse all sorts of fallacies embellishing capitalism, denying Socialism, opposing the Party leadership, abolishing the people’s democratic dictatorship and rebutting Marxism, in order to powerfully refute them. All provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities and all departments in the ideological sphere must organize forces to implement selected themes and meticulously write them out. It is necessary to give rein to the guiding function of old comrades with great attainments in Marxist theory, vigorously discover and foster young and middle-age talents, and incessantly organize and train theoretical teams during practice.

It is necessary to make researching China and propagating China into a basic theme for theoretical work. In recent years, anti-Socialist and anti-Marxist ideological trends have spread unchecked everywhere, national nihilist and ethnic nihilist ideological trends have also spread incessantly, and have mutually reinforced each other, with very bad influences. Naturally we must research the outside world and research “the West”, but we can absolutely not become separated from the Chinese national condition, and can even less overlook research on questions related to China itself because of this. The Party’s propaganda departments and social science research departments must vigorously organize and launch systematic research on Chinese history, culture, society, culture as well as the people’s creativity, fighting strength, unity and other aspects, to educate the people and especially the young in correctly understanding their own motherland, foster profound feelings of deeply loving the motherland, raising ethnic self-respect and self-confidence, and further strengthening the staunch faith in the Four Cardinal Principles.

In theoretical work, it is necessary to persist in taking Marxism as guidance, deeply research the new problems in reform, opening up and modernization construction. It is necessary to continue to implement the policy of “letting a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools contend”, encourage the liberation of thoughts, bold exploration, to put forward all sorts of opinions and debate, fully explore mistakes and maintain different opinions. But, it is absolutely necessary to draw clear boundaries with those people who advocate the fallacy of capitalism under the guise of under the name of reform and opening up, and persist in bourgeois liberalization. Advocate respect for facts, submission to the truth, and engage in comradely discussion and argument, maintain a just learning style. On the basis of persisting in the basic Party line, increase the unity of theory teams, soberly consider the past, soberly consider the future, persist in the correct parts and rectify the wrong parts, strive to obtain even more high-quality research results.

The problem that Marxist theory education has become rusty must be resolved, the situation that a number of middle and high-level cadres are not well acquainted with and do not study the basic theories of Marxism and Mao Zedong Thought must absolutely be turned around as quickly as possible, otherwise, it will be difficult for them to carry out their leading work successfully. The Central Propaganda Department must, together with the Central Organization Department and the Central Party School, make plans, adopt measures and establish systems to give all levels of cadres, and first of all middle and higher-level cadres as well as propaganda and ideological work cadres, opportunities to systematically study the basic theories of Marxism-Leninism and Mao Zedong Thought, grasp their positions, viewpoints and methods. It is necessary to let Marxist theory accomplishments become one standard for the revolutionization of cadres, and become an assessment standard for selecting and appointing cadres.

It is necessary to realistically strengthen and improve education on basic Marxist theories in higher education schools. All specialities, and especially the training of humanities university students and researchers, must give an important position to the education of basic theories of Marxism.

VIII, Straiten propaganda discipline, strengthen legal system construction

All news and publishing departments and work units must straiten and observe legal discipline, political discipline and Party discipline, and strictly observe propaganda discipline. It is necessary to vigorously propagate the Party and State line, principles and policies, reflect the popular masses’ magnificent practice of constructing Socialism with great vitality, no battleground may be provided to talk of bourgeois liberalization. Personnel working in these departments and work units are absolutely not permitted to utilize the powers of their position to express discourse in open propaganda that is opposed to the Party line and political viewpoints. Opposing the Party nature and the people’s nature, playing up bourgeois “news freedom”, and advocating the viewpoint of casting off Party leadership are completely wrong.

To realize Party leadership over news, publishing and cultural work, it is necessary to rely on the efforts of all levels’ Party Committees in many areas. Talking about management, at the same time as relying on policy and administrative means, legal system construction must also be strengthened and management according to the law implemented. It is necessary to further determine and concretize citizens’ rights and obligations in speech, publication and other aspects, the Socialist orientation of  propaganda, ideological and cultural work, the leadership position of the Party in ideological work and the guiding position of Marxism. At present, it is necessary to scientifically summarize both positive and negative experiences of many years, and especially the experiences and lessons from this grave political struggle, grasp the formulation work of a press law, a publishing law and other relevant laws.

IX, Strengthen foreign propaganda, safeguard the dignity of Socialist China

After putting down the counterrevolutionary riot, international public opinion has not only been concerned about the truth and nature of this event, but has been even more concerned with the questions whether or not China’s political situation is stable and whether or not the basic situation will change in the future. We must vigorously and actively answer these questions and clearly explain to the world: the Chinese people have chosen the Socialist path, this is a historical necessity; in constructing Socialism, it is necessary to persist in reform and opening up, this is also a historical necessity. It is necessary to forcefully propagate that our basic line and basic domestic and foreign policies will not change, and must especially make clear that through this struggle, the fear of bourgeois liberalization has been dispelled, China’s political situation is even more stable, reform and opening up will be conducted more stably, better and even quicker. It is necessary to propagate the policy measure, real progress and examples of opening up to the outside world from many angles, indicate tat China is honest and sincere, and continuously welcomes broad cooperation that is balanced and mutually beneficial with all countries. It is necessary to clearly indicate that: the Chinese people have the will and the capacity to construct their own country well, and will absolutely not yield to any pressure coming from abroad; no foreign country must count on China becoming their tributary, or must count on China to swallow and bitter fruits damaging its national interest and national independence; “sanctioning” China is a kind of short-sighted, useless method, and will ultimately not benefit themselves.

The public opinion in the United States, a number of Western countries, Hong Kong and Taiwan has had very bad effects in inciting and abetting the rebellion and riot. We must counter the foreign anti-China public opinion in an organized manner, counter the counterrevolutionary discourse of the defectors, expose the scheming activities behind the screens of an extremely small number of people and their international links and backgrounds. It is necessary to use many methods to proclaim the truth about the rebellion and riot to the world in many ways and strengthen our voice. In the struggle with foreign public opinion, the focus should be on exposing the rumours and fallacies of the “Voice of America” and others. Attention should be paid that there is some difference between the American official and public opinion spheres. A patient attitude should be adopted towards the broad overseas public, including the American public, who have not understood the truth for a while, and more facts should be discussed, to strive for the understanding, sympathy and support of the absolute majority of people internationally.

In order to adapt to the new situation of foreign propaganda and the requirements of the onerous tasks, leadership over and coordination of foreign propaganda should be strengthened. All departments involving foreign propaganda must replenish strength, raise their cadres’ ideological and professional levels, and strive to do work well.

Powerful measures should be adopted to strictly control the dissemination of overseas anti-China propaganda domestically. All newspapers, literary materials and audiovisual products having content of conducting malicious rumormongering, incitation, seduction into wrongdoing or abuse should be confiscated by Customs and the public security departments. Work units having foreign-connected fax equipment may not receive or pass on this sort of materials. Where it is necessary to print, distribute or screen them internally because of foreign-related work or conducting research, matters should also be grasped strictly, and critical explanations should be made.

X, Party Committees must strengthen leadership over propaganda and ideological work

Comrade Deng Xiaoping had already put forward earlier that: “Work on the entire ideological front must be strengthened. We must seriously put this problem in front of the Party, and put it into the important matters agenda of the Centre and Party Committees at all levels and in all localities.” Comrade Chen Yun has also gravely pointed out that if the economy is not run well, the boat may capsize; if there are problems in propaganda, the boat may also capsize. This storm has made the party further understand the extreme importance of ideological work. It is necessary to safeguard the political situation of stability and unity, and to construct Socialism with Chinese characteristics, the propaganda and ideological front must be given high regard. All levels’ Party Committees absolutely must overcome the phenomenon of one strong hand and one weak hand. Realistically and powerfully strengthening leadership over propaganda, education, theory, press and publications, culture, art and grass-roots ideological and political work, must be grasped by Party Committee Secretaries themselves, and grasped regularly. All levels’ governments should also vigorously support propaganda work, and create the necessary conditions for it.

It is necessary to fully give rein to the function of all levels’ Party Committee propaganda departments, and strengthen their fighting force. The Central Propaganda Department is the overall functional department of the Centre in the ideological sphere, and is responsible for guiding the work of news, culture, publishing and social science research departments subordinate to the Central Committee and the State Council, under the leadership of the Central Committee and its Propaganda and Ideological Work Leading Small Group. On the basis of the principle of integrating management of things with management of people, the Central Propaganda Department must conduct assessment and understanding of the leading cadres in the above departments according to cadre management powers, and put forward opinions on appointment and dismissal, after consultation with the leading cadres of the Central Organization Department and the relevant State Council controlling department, the Central Organization Department will report to the Central Committee on appointment and dismissal. Where any locality’s Party Committee propaganda department has not yet adopted this form of structure, it may be similarly implemented. The position of provincial, municipal (prefecture, grouping) and county-level Party Committee propaganda department chief should generally be held by a Standing Committee member of the same level’s Party Committee. For the appointment, dismissal or transfer of all provincial, autonomous region and municipal Party Committee propaganda department chiefs, the opinion of the Central Propaganda Department should be sought.

The Party Committees of all localities and all departments should research and formulate concrete work plans for implementation, on the basis of the spirit of this Notice and integrating their own real situation.



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    […] Read the full text of the translation. See also more about the June 4th crackdown via CDT. […]

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