Month: August 1989

Notice concerning Resisting Overseas Reactionary Propaganda and Political Infiltration

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CCP Central Committee Secretariat, State Council Secretariat

(ZBF No. (1989)9, 25 August 1989)

Since suppressing the Beijing counterrevolutionary riot, Western, Hong Kong and Taiwan news organs have started rumours about us on a large scale, and launched vicious attacks,

and have disseminated their reactionary propaganda materials inside our territory through all sorts of channels. The United States’ News Office has strengthened reactionary propaganda, and has broadcast its worldwide television images into our country’s ether during the period of the riot. Some United States, Hong Kong and Taiwan broadcast companies have produced large amounts of reactionary videotapes, and prepare to disseminate them inside our borders. The “News Workers Association in America” has published a “Guide to News Freedom”, claiming that they want to “break through the news blackouts on the Chinese mainland, and diffuse information about the students’ democratic movement and the truth about the bloody suppression by the CCP to the Chinese mainland through all sorts of means”. The “China Information Network Centre” in the Eastern region of the United States spreads around that it wants to incite a global “blood transfusion movement”, and use all sorts of “pipelines” to infiltrate us. A small number of Hong Kong trading companies have published newspaper announcements, indicating that they may provide the fax numbers of  number of organs in Guangdong province, in order to disseminate overseas reactionary propaganda in the interior through this channel. Read the rest of this entry »


Notice concerning Strictly Controlling the Publications of Fine Art Books of the Human Body

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With the approval of the Central Propaganda Department, hereby, relevant provisions concerning strictly controlling the publication of fine art books of the human body (including picture albums, picture compilations, wall calendars, fine art postcards) are notified as follows: Read the rest of this entry »

Supplementary Explanation concerning Some Concrete Questions in Publisher Rectification of Cooperative Publishing, Printing and Distribution Agency

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13 August 1989

Our Administration published the “Notice concerning Nationwide Publisher Rectification of Cooperative Publishing, Printing and Distribution Agency” on 11 July 1989. Hereby, some supplementary explanations concerning some concrete questions in this regard are as follows: Read the rest of this entry »

National Copyright Administration Reply Concerning Copyright Trade Contracts Examination and Approval

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The “Request for Instructions Concerning Copyright Trade Contracts Examination and Approval Jurisdiction” (CQPPPB [89] No. 9) has been received and read. After consultation, the answer is as follows:   Read the rest of this entry »

Notice concerning Competences in Appraising Obscene and Sexual Publications

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In order to adapt to the needs of cleaning up and rectifying the newspaper, book, periodical and audiovisual markets at present, the competences to appraise (determine) obscene publications and sexual publications may be appropriately transferred to a lower level. The concrete rules are: Read the rest of this entry »

Opinions Concerning Some Questions of Concretely Applicable Law in Handling Criminal Cases from the Counterrevolutionary Riot and Political Turmoil

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1 August 1989, Supreme People’s Court, Supreme People’s Procuratorate

A decisive victory has been obtained in the struggle of Beijing suppressing the counterrevolutionary riot and all localities curbing turmoil. The struggle to suppress the riot and curb turmoil is a political struggle related to the life and death of our Party and State. The danger of criminal cases from the period of riot and turmoil is extremely grave, and their situation relatively complex. Handling these cases, must have facts as basis, law as criterion, the background of the riots and turmoil must be fully considered, and concrete analysis of the concrete case conducted. Against those having committed criminal activities with counterrevolutionary goals, the corresponding criminal responsibility for the crime of counterrevolutionism shall be investigated according to the relevant provisions of the Criminal Law; concerning those conducting other criminal activities, which crime is constituted is to be the crime for which they are convicted, according to the provisions of the Criminal law. During case handling, attitudes must be firm, and not at all soft-hearted, stress policies, strictly divide the contradictions between the two kinds of different natures, rigorously applying the boundary between crime and non-crime, both accurately and ruthlessly attacking the extremely small number of grave criminals. Read the rest of this entry »