National Copyright Administration Reply Concerning Copyright Trade Contracts Examination and Approval

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The “Request for Instructions Concerning Copyright Trade Contracts Examination and Approval Jurisdiction” (CQPPPB [89] No. 9) has been received and read. After consultation, the answer is as follows:  

1: According to the provisions of the “Printing and Distribution Notice of the “Report Concerning Properly Handling Copyright Issues with Taiwanese Cultural Exchange at Present” and the “Temporary Regulations Concerning Copyright Issues in Publishing Works of Taiwanese Compatriots”, no work unit and individual may engage in professional activities of copyright trade agent with Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau without examination and approval of the National Copyright Administration. All who already engage in this, should immediately stop. Concerning Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao compatriots transferring copyright to the Mainland or authorizing usage of works, authors or other copyright holders may manage individually, and also may entrust their relatives or entrust copyright agent organ Copyright Agency of China, examined and approved by the government. The circumstances of entrusting to relatives are relatively complicates, it is necessary to pay attention to strengthening management.


2: The examination, verification and registry of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao copyright trade contracts, should be conducted by a Mainland party or another agent going to the administrative copyright management organ of his place or residence or place of business. Without examination, verification and registry of copyright trade contracts by administrative copyright management entity, they are void.



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