Notice concerning Strictly Controlling the Publications of Fine Art Books of the Human Body

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With the approval of the Central Propaganda Department, hereby, relevant provisions concerning strictly controlling the publication of fine art books of the human body (including picture albums, picture compilations, wall calendars, fine art postcards) are notified as follows:

I, Fine Art books of the human body can only be published by specialized fine art and photography publishers. Other publishers may without exception not publish fine art books of the human body in excess of their division of specialization. Fine art wall calendars of the human body can only be published by specialist fine art publishers having wall calendar publishing rights, other publishers may not arrange this. Cooperative publication or printing and distribution subcontracting of fine art books of the human body are prohibited.

II, Picture albums and picture compilations may include paintings, carvings and photographic works of the human body. New Year pictures, wall calendars (including wall calendars, single-page calendars, New Year pictures, calendar cards, etc.) and fine art postcards may only include famous human body works of global classical art; other fine art works of the human body, especially contemporary nude photographic works may not be included.

III, When publishing fine art books of the human body, quality must be guaranteed, it is not permitted to include works of a vulgar style, in order to avoid that harmful influence is created in society, that is harmful to the construction of a Socialist spiritual civilization, and corrupts the reputation of fine art books of the human body. It is necessary to launch criticism of fine art books of the human body, works with a vulgar style shall be banned.

IV, It is strictly prohibited to display sexual or obscene content in fine art books of the human body, offending products shall be firmly banned, and investigated and prosecuted according to the law, including investigation of criminal responsibility.

V, Fine art books of the human body theme selection shall not be overly concentrated, and shall certainly not be blindly rushed for the sake of pursuit of economic gain. Controlling departments shall strictly control this when examining theme selection plans. In view of the excessive overflow of fine art books of the human body at present, in the following one or two years, this sort of theme selection shall normally not be arranged. Where this sort of topic has true value, it must be inspected in advance by the Administration of Press and Publications, otherwise, it may not be published.

VI,  If commercial departments printing wall calendars, post and telecommunications departments printing postcards choose to use fine art works of the human body, matters shall be similarly grasped according to the above principles. This shall also be strictly controlled within the next one or two years, and shall generally not be arranged anymore.

VII, When publishing fine art books of the human body, these are to be handed over to Xinhua bookstores for distribution; wall calendars of the human body printed by commercial departments, are to be handed over to State-run bookstores for sales, and may not be handed over to collective or individual distribution work units for wholesale or retail.

VIII, Those violating the above regulations are punished, including with confiscation of complete profits or fines, and up to cancellation of business licences.

This Notice shall take effect immediately. All good being manufactures must without exception be processed according to the provisions of this Notice. Where past relevant regulations are inconsistent with this Notice, this Notice shall always apply.












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