Ministry of Post and Telecommunications Notice concerning Further Grasping Rectification and Clean-Up Work of the Book, Newspaper, Periodical and Audiovisual Markets

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On 24 August, the Party Centre and the State Council convened a nationwide telephone conference on rectifying and cleaning up the book, newspaper, periodical and audiovisual product markets, called on all levels’ Party Committees and governments to further mobilize, strengthen leadership, strictly implement policies, meticulously organize matters and concentrate forces to conduct a one-time complete rectification and clean-up of the book, newspaper, periodical and audiovisual product markets before the National Day. This is a large matter relating to the construction of a Socialist spiritual civilization and relating to a long period of peace and order of the country, the nationwide post and telecommunications departments must firmly implement this, and earnestly grasp this work. Since our Ministry sent the emergency telegram on 17 July, imposing self-inspection on newspapers, books and periodicals sold in post and telecommunications departments, all localities post and telecommunications departments have vigorously launched work, and have already achieved preliminary results. On the basis of statistics from management bureaus in twenty provinces, more than 180.000 volumes of books and periodicals propagating bourgeois liberalization, obscenity and sex, murder and violence, feudal superstition and other content have been ferreted out, and more than 1.700.000 volumes of books and periodicals have been sealed up pending inspection and appraisal. On the basis of the deployment of the Central Committee and State Council telephone conference, in order to further grasp the work of post and telecommunications departments in rectifying and cleaning up the book, newspaper, periodical and audiovisual product markets, the following matters are notified:

I, All levels’ leaders must fully understand the major political importance of rectifying and cleaning up the book, newspaper, periodical and audiovisual product markets, fully understand the harmfulness of pornographic books, periodicals and audiovisual products and the necessity of “Sweeping Pornography” work, and must adopt firm measures concerning rectification and clean-up work post and telecommunications departments in their area and especially their own work units, and earnestly take responsibility for grasping matters well.

II, All provincial management bureaus and all work units subordinate to ministries must continue to earnestly organize self-examination well, and conduct a one-time complete rectification and clean-up of their subordinate newspaper and periodical distribution and retail work units and all newspaper and periodical salesrooms, newspaper and periodical retail kiosks, (points), publishing and printing work units, and work units having audiovisual product production capacities. According to the relevant regulations of the Administration of Press and Publications and local governments, all matters falling under the ban should be confiscated and destroyed; where it is impossible to determine whether or not some newspapers and periodicals fall under the banning scope for the moment, they must be provisionally sealed up, and shall actively send sample books to the relevant departments for examination. The focus points of rectification and clean-up are newspaper and periodical retail segments, and examination must be conducted especially earnestly on newspaper and periodical retail companies and their stocking channels, on the basis of discovered clues, it is necessary to cooperate with relevant departments to further investigate the responsibility of relevant publishing and printing work units.

III, At the same time as vigorously doing self-examination well, it is necessary to actively coordinate with and accept inspection from the local press and publications, culture, industry and commerce and other departments, no work unit or individual may for any reason obstruct the work of local inspection groups; the inspection group may not be deceived; all books, periodical and audiovisual products that are sealed up or provisionally sealed up may without exception not be sold. In all cases where the abovementioned circumstances occur, the responsibility of the directly responsible persons and their leaders will be investigated.

IV, In order to strengthen organizational leadership over this work, the Central Committee has established a National Small Work Group for Rectification and Clean-up of the Book, Newspaper, Periodical and Audiovisual Markets, one ministerial leader of our Ministry is a member of this work group. All provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities shall also establish corresponding work departments, to be responsible for organization and coordination of this work. All management bureaus are requested to link up, actively participate and closely coordinate work with the local Party Committees and governments.

V, All provincial bureaus and directly subordinate work units must report the situation of work progress timely to the local government and the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications.








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