China Film Distribution and Projection Company Management Rules Concerning Projecting Films “Not Suitable for Children”

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In order to implement the upright management of the ideology of the “Notice Concerning Establishment of an Examination and Projection Classification System for a Number of Films” (MRFT No. (1989) 201) of the Ministry of Radio, Film and Television, guarantee the bodily and mental health of the wide youth and children, guarantee implementation of the “not suitable for children” film projection system, the following management rules are formulated.

I, Concerning all films being marked as “not suitable for children” after examination by the film sector management bureau of this Ministry, China Film Company is responsible for timely notification to all provincial, autonomous region and municipal film distribution and projection companies.

II, “Children” as referred to in “not suitable for children” refers to youth and children under the age of 16 years (including 16 years). All youth and children within this scope may not view films marked as “not suitable for children”

III, All work units projecting films “not suitable for children”, may without exception not sell tickets to youth and children and not allow children to enter. Projection work units must appoint special persons to examine and oversee, and strictly supervise. Audience hard to establish as “children”, all projection work units may not based on looking or oral explanation sell tickets, and must examine the identification card, student card or residence booklet, and may only sell tickets when it is established it is not a “child”. When entering, only after again examining the abovementioned document can entering be permitted. Those not providing the abovementioned documents for examination, may also not enter.

IV, All levels’ film distribution and projection companies and all projection work units, may not organize specialized projection for youths of films “not suitable for children”; when special performances for adults are organized, in all events, of youths holding tickets,  when entering, all identification cards, student cards or residence booklets must earnestly be examined, all those falling under the provisions of Article 2, are not allowed to enter without exception.

V, When adults or groups buy tickets or book the theatre, at the time of entering, concerning all youths holding tickets, the provisions of Articles II, III and IV must be strictly implemented.

VI, Concerning all films “not suitable for children”, film studios, apart from annotating a caption of the phrase “not suitable for children” on the film titles, all levels’ film distribution and projection companies and all projection work units projecting films “not suitable for children”, should clearly indicate film playbills, small and large billboards (posters) in front of the theatre, street signs, newspaper advertisements, written propagation materials, ticket windows and oral propagation that these concern a film “not suitable for children”, in order to clearly indicate the viewing scope to the public.

VII, All levels’ film distribution and projection companies ware without exception not allowed to rent or provide “not suitable for children” to secondary and primary schools for viewing, teaching and administrative staff viewing these films may contact the theatre to buy tickets. Enterprise and undertaking work units, people’s organization, universities and college rent projection of this sort of films, all levels’ film distribution and projection companies must be responsible for stressing the explanation of the viewing scope and demands of this sort of films, and have the right to supervise and examine the venue.

VIII, All films “not suitable for children” may not be shrunk to copies of 16mm and 8.75mm; all levels’ film distribution and projection companies’ 35mm copies, may also not be furnished to rural mobile projection teams for projection.

IX, All films “not suitable for children”, all levels’ film distribution and projection companies and film studios may not supply them to television stations for broadcast; and may also not produce videotapes for distribution in society.

X, All levels’ film distribution and projection companies and all projection work units, must all earnestly enforce these Management Rules, justly handle affairs, and not practice favouritism. To all projection work units, if they violate these Management Regulations, all levels’ film distribution and projection companies from now on have the right to cease provision of this sort of firms, and every instance will be punished with a fine of one thousand Yuan, and at the same time, the liability of the leader of that projection work unit will be investigated.

XI, These Management Rules will be implemented under the supervision all levels’ culture controlling authorities, which also exercises arbitration rights.

XII, The Liberation Army and Armed Police systems, are requested to, integrating their own realistic circumstances and with reference to these Management Rules, formulate concrete Management Rules for their system.

XIII, These Management Rules take effect from the day of promulgation.


















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