Notice Concerning Capturing and Detaining Reactionary Propaganda Goods Sent in from Overseas

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No. (89)GZZ100

All provincial, autonomous region and municipal public security offices and bureaus”

Since the counterrevolutionary revolt calmed down and social turmoil was prevented, overseas, xx reactionary organizations have been set up overseas, which have organized x sorts of reactionary periodicals. They put forward that the main task at present is to strength public opinion and propaganda work, and break down the mainland’s news blackouts. The way in which they profess to conduct “peaceful evolution” in China is to organize a “Voice of China” which is even stronger than the “Voice of America”, and organize a “Chinese Times” which is even higher in quality than the “New York Times”. They also say that “the tanks, machine guns and flamethrowers of democratic movements are our radio stations, newspapers and periodicals”. In our understanding of the situation, the main reactionary periodicals are the following types:

I, In the United States: “Exile”: sponsored by the “Chinese Exiled Writers’ Association” organized by Bei Dao, Liu Weiguo and other people. “Notes of the ’89 Chinese Democratic Movement”, published in New York, sponsored by the overseas student “Democratic Association” member Wu Mouren, in total 60.000 characters and more than 40 photos, foreword by Yan Jiaqi, dedicated to Wu’er Kaixi. “China Review”: the Shanghai “The Thinker” Magazine editor-in-chief Chen Kuide is responsible for arrangement. The biweekly “China Focus”, arranged together by a part of the mainland overseas students at the Boston China Information Centre and a number of Americans. The “Guide to the Freedom of the Press”: established on 10 June in America, and compiled by Cao Changqing (original vice-editor-in-chief of the Shenzhen Youth Daily) and more than ten other original mainland news workers who are in the United States. Under the support of Taiwan, the “Chinese Democratic Association” and the “All-America Study Association”, more than 10 numbers have already been published. Every number publishes the addresses of our State organs, and calls on readers to send this newspaper to the mainland. They also entrust people coming into the country to visit relatives, do business or for tourism to carry them along, and attack four fen and eight fen stamps to send it to domestic higher education institutes, scientific organs and individuals.

II, In France: “Opening Up”: sponsored by Lin Xiling, published in Paris, written using three languages: Chinese, French and English. “Dawn”: arranged by the criminal of whom our public security organs have ordered the arrest Yan Jiaqi and other persons, and which plans to open offices in the United States and Hong Kong.

III, In the United Kingdom: “Call to Arms”: bimonthly, published in London in August of this year, sponsored by the British person Damon Jones and a number of students in the United Kingdom.

IV, In Japan: the “Democratic China” magazine, published in Tokyo at the end of May, sponsored by the “United Federation of Overseas Students in Japan”. The “United Alliance Paper”, sponsored by the  “United Federation of Overseas Students in Japan”, published at the end of June, its main responsible person is Yang Zhongmei (an important contact person for the “Democratic Alliance”). “China: The Second May Fourth Movement”: published in Japan in the beginning of June, set up by a number of overseas students in Japan, in collusion with American, Japanese and Taiwanese Anti-China and Anti-Communist forces, the entire book is about 250.000 characters, and distributed in three languages: Chinese, Japanese and English.

V, In Hong Kong: “Democratic Trends”,  published in Hong Kong at the end of May, set up by the “Hong Kong Support Association”. “A Prayer to Not Forget June 4th”, printed by the Hong Kong Religious Organization Federation, disseminated towards the mainland through all sorts of channels.

All localities’ public security organs are requested to actively link up with Customs and other relevant departments, and according to the spirit of the Central Committee Secretariat and State Council Secretariat “Notice Concerning Resisting Overseas Reactionary Propaganda and Political Infiltration” (Document ZBF No. [1989]9) and the State Council “Urgent Notice Concerning Intercepting Overseas Reactionary Propaganda Products” (Telegram No. GBF No. [1989]107), strengthen capturing and detainment work of reactionary propaganda goods. Those deliberately distributing, disseminating or reproducing this sort of reactionary propaganda goods must be strictly punished according to the law. Please transmit this notice to Party Committees and governments.

17 November 1989

公安部关于收缴、查扣海外寄来的反动宣传品的通知 〔89〕公政字100号




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