Notice concerning Strengthening Management over Periodicals Issuing Event Record Works

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16 February 1990

Since some time, a number of periodicals have competed to publish event record works, creating a sudden increase of event record periodicals, often with duplicate content. Among those, a number of articles and materials are untrue, some are manufactured roughly, creating a very bad influence. In order to safeguard social stability and the healthy development of periodicals, management shall be strengthened over periodicals publishing event record works, and the following is notified:

I, Periodical publishers must strictly abide by propaganda discipline. Works distributed by periodicals and especially event record works, must vigorously propagate the Party and State line, principles and policies, and reflect the magnificent practice of the popular masses’ brimming vitality in building Socialism. They must persist in the Socialist periodical orientation, persist in the principle of giving first place to positive propaganda, correctly deal with the relationship between eulogizing the bright and exposing the dark, and pay attention to the social effects that works may engender.

II, Periodicals must strictly abide by their own established periodical purpose, and may not wilfully change direction and publish event record periodicals in excess of their approved scope. Without approval from provincial, autonomous region and municipal press and publications management departments, they may not wilfully publish special “event record” numbers.

III, All event record works published by periodicals that involve the relationship with Taiwan or high-level Guomindang leaders; event record works that involve major political incidents during the “Cultural Revolution”; event record works involving criminal scouting or criminal acts; event record works involving the international communist movement and Soviet or Eastern European national leaders and political incidents; even record works involving religion and ethnic minorities and event record works involving deceased or incumbent leaders of our Party and State, may only be published after examination and approval according to the provisions that publishers with similar book topic selections must report this to relevant central or local departments (see also the “Notice concerning Reporting the Annual Publishing Plans for 1990”). Event record works involving major issues in our country’s political and economic life may only be published after examination and approval by the periodical’s higher-level work unit. All event record works violating the “National Secret Preservation Law of the People’s Republic of China” are not permitted to be published without exception.

IV, Where periodicals publish event record works narrating real people and real events, and using real names, circumstances may not be wilfully fabricated, and the veracity of the articles must be guaranteed. When publishing articles using real names or  publishing photos of persons that are reported, periodical editorial departments and article writers or photographers, or article and photo providers shall bear legal responsibility.

V, Periodicals publishing all sorts of event record works must in the future conduct inspection according to the above provisions. All those violating these, shall be subject to criticism or punishment. On the basis of the spirit that periodicals who continue to violate publishing management regulations after rectification should be strictly punished, where any periodical violates the above provisions after the day this Notice is promulgated, the responsibility of relevant personnel and controlling personnel must be investigated, up to the point where the post of director or general editor is cancelled, or periodical registration is cancelled.







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