Month: May 1990

Management Rules for Terrestrial Satellite Reception Equipment Receiving Foreign Satellite-Transmitted Television Programmes

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Ministry of Radio, Film and Television, Ministry of Public Security and Ministry for National Security Decree

No. 1

The “Management Rules for Terrestrial Satellite Reception Equipment Receiving Foreign Satellite-Transmitted Television Programmes” have been approved by the State Council on 9 April 1990, and are hereby promulgated and implemented.

Ministry of Radio, Film and Television – Minister Ai Zhisheng

Ministry of Public Security – Minister Wang Dang

Ministry for National Security – Minister Jia Chunwang

28 May 1990

Article 1: In order to strengthen management over terrestrial satellite reception equipment receiving foreign satellite-transmitted television programmes, guarantee foreign economic, scientific, technological and cultural exchange, and stimulate the construction of a Socialist material civilization and spiritual civilization, these Rules are formulated. Read the rest of this entry »


Provisions concerning Prohibiting the Acceptance of “Kickbacks” in the Supply Work of Imported Books, Newspapers and Periodicals

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23 May 1990, Central Propaganda Department, Administration of Press and Publications, Ministry of Finance, State Administration of Taxation

Since some time, the method of receiving kickbacks for the supply work of imported books, newspapers and periodicals has emerged. Some importing work units have paid a part of the business volume of imported books, newspapers and periodicals as “labour fees”, “consulting fees” or under other names to ordering work units or individuals as “remuneration”; some have adopted “red envelopes”, material and other methods to secretly give cash or goods to relevant work units and individuals, up to the point where some purchasing work units have developed into openly demanding “kickbacks: from supply work units of imported books, newspapers and periodicals, whoever gives the highest kickback, is the person whose goods are ordered. Under that sort of harmful influence, some work units who persist in regular business have also been forced to give their customers “kickbacks”, resulting in chaos having emerged to some extent in book, newspaper and periodical supply work.  Read the rest of this entry »

Internal Newspaper and Periodical Management Principles

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16 May 1990

Administration of Press and Publications

I, Internal newspapers and periodicals refers to newspapers and periodicals with an “internal newspaper and periodical printing permission certificate”, who are not listed with a “domestic uniform periodical number”, it does not refer to the part of newspapers and periodicals with limited internal distribution holding a “newspaper and periodical registration certificate”, listed with a “domestic uniform periodical number”. Read the rest of this entry »

Regulations concerning Strengthening Management over Publications Depicting Main Party and State Leaders

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Promulgated jointly by the Central Propaganda Department and the Administration of Press and Publications on 5 May 1990

In the recent period, a number of publishers, magazines and newspapers have published or issued a batch of documentary writings, reports and biographic works depicting Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Liu Shaoqi, Zhu De, Deng Xiaoping, Chen Yun and other main Party and State leaders, also, books and articles have been written about Comrades Jiang Zemin, Li Peng, etc., which have had a large influence on society. Among these, there are a number of works that are written relatively well, but generally speaking, there are excessively many of this sort of works, and not a few exhibit problems that merit attention. Read the rest of this entry »

Notice concerning Conducting Clean-Up, Rectification and Re-Registration of Newspaper (Periodical) Journalist Stations

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Central Propaganda Department, General Administration of Press and Publications

(May 1990)

The journalist stations of all newspaper and periodical publishers (including newspapers and periodicals in the radio and television system and run by press agencies) in all localities have had a vigorous function in disseminating information, exchanging experience and reflecting achievements of construction in all localities. But in recent years, journalist stations have greatly increased in number, development is overly excessive and management is weak. Some journalist stations have not conducted registration formalities with the local Party Committee propaganda department and government press and publications management department, not a few journalist stations use their main energy for activities outside of newsgathering (such as canvassing advertising, support or engaging in commercial activities), some non-news work units have also disorderly established journalist stations in violation of regulations, gravely disturbing regular newsgathering activities, yielding unhealthy tendencies and creating a very bad social influence. In order to rectify the situation that journalist stations are excessive in number, and strengthen leadership and management over journalist stations, clean-up, rectification and re-registration must be conducted of newspaper (periodical) journalist stations. Hereby, the following matters are notified as follows: Read the rest of this entry »