Regulations concerning Strengthening Management over Publications Depicting Main Party and State Leaders

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Promulgated jointly by the Central Propaganda Department and the Administration of Press and Publications on 5 May 1990

In the recent period, a number of publishers, magazines and newspapers have published or issued a batch of documentary writings, reports and biographic works depicting Mao Zedong, Zhou Enlai, Liu Shaoqi, Zhu De, Deng Xiaoping, Chen Yun and other main Party and State leaders, also, books and articles have been written about Comrades Jiang Zemin, Li Peng, etc., which have had a large influence on society. Among these, there are a number of works that are written relatively well, but generally speaking, there are excessively many of this sort of works, and not a few exhibit problems that merit attention. For example, some factual content is not correct or not true, appraisal of persons is partial and not fair, some make the important speeches of leaders or internal situations of the Party Centre public without authorization; some hanker after “undisclosed secrets”, “behind the scenes”, “personal secrets” or “unofficial history”, large quantities use hearsay and gossip, concoct historical facts, fabricate the mentality or speech of leaders or relationships between leaders, belittle or even slander revolutionary leaders. These problems have harmed the Party’s leadership politically, and is not beneficial to the larger picture of persisting in the Four Cardinal Principles and stability.

In order to strengthen management over this sort of publications, guarantee quality, with the approval of the Centre, hereby, the relevant provisions are notified as follows:

I, Main Party and State leaders as named in these Regulations refers to: incumbent or past Party Central Committee Politburo Standing Committee members, State chairmen and vice-chairmen, State Council premiers, National People’s Congress Standing Committee heads, the Central Consultative Commission head, and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference chairman. Publications depicting main Party and State leaders as named in these Regulations refers to: monographs, biographies, memoirs, documentary writing, reports, etc., especially depicting or recording the abovementioned persons.

II, Publishing and issuing these sorts of books and articles must be extremely serious and cautious. Stated historical facts absolutely must be correct, points of view must conform to the spirit of the Party Centre “Resolution Concerning Some Historical Questions”, “Resolution Concerning Some Historical Questions of the Party Since the Founding of the Nation” as well as relevant Centre documents. All relevant controlling departments and publishing work units must strictly keep the gates, and all those not conform to the above requirements may not be published or issued.

III, This sort of books is limited to publication by the People’s Press, the Central Historical Documents Press, the Chinese Communist Party Historical Material Press, the CCP Central Party School Press, the China Youth Press, the Liberation Army Press and all provincial, autonomous region and municipal Peoples Presses, other publishers may without exception not arrange publication. Magazines and newspapers carrying this sort of works, must have it conform to the nature and work division of the magazine or newspaper, where it does not conform, it may not be carried.

IV, Relevant publishers, when arranging theme selection of this sort of books: local publishers must report the manuscript to the local press and publications bureau, the press and publication bureau puts forward an evaluation opinion, and after agreement by the Party Committee Propaganda Bureau reports this to the Administration of Press and Publications for examination and approval; central-level publishers must report the manuscript to their controlling department, and after putting forward and evaluation opinion, the controlling department reports it to the Administration of Press and Publications for approval. For all manuscripts of living main State and Party leaders, before reporting to the Administration of Press and Publications, the opinion of that person must be sought by the publishing work unit. If the Administration of Press and Publications discovers important difficulties and problems during examination and approval, it may send it to the Central Propaganda Department for examination and approval. When necessary, the Central Propaganda Department may, in view of the circumstances, respectively request the Central Historical Document Research Centre, the Central Party History Research Centre, the Military Academy and other departments to assist in examination and approval.

V, When translating or publishing this sort of works of foreign authors, or reprinting this sort of works of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau writers, matters are to be similarly handled according to the abovementioned provisions. Where content is inappropriate but there still is some research or reference value, the situation must be explained at the time of reporting the book manuscript and after approval, a publishing explanation is to be written, only then may it be published, quantities are to be controlled, distribution is to be internal.

VI, The abovementioned books may not be published in the cooperative manner, they may not be sent out for printing or distribution agency, and are to be distributed by Xinhua bookstores without exception.

VII, Publication by the People’s Daily and Seeking Truth Magazine of articles with the above content is to be reported for approval through the examination and approval procedure for those work units. For publication of this sort of article by other newspapers or periodicals, or where audio or video tapes have this sort of content, examination and approval formalities shall be handled according to these Regulations. If they are collected into a book, they must be reported for special approval again according to these Regulations.

VIII, On 10 February 1990, the Administration of Press and Publications issued the “Notice concerning Re-Examination and Approval of Publications Describing Main Central Leading Comrades”, requiring that publishers who published this sort of books and magazines or newspapers who printed this sort of works should conduct a one-time clean-up work on the basis of relevant Central regulations, and report to the higher-level controlling department or the Administration of Press and Publications. Books of this sort that have not been reported so far may not be published or distributed (including goods in manufacturing”. Where they have been reported to the Administration of Press and Publication, they may be dealt with according to these Regulations. If this sort of book needs to be reprinted, it must also be approved according to these Regulations.

IX, Those violating the above Regulations are subject to administrative punishment by Administration of Press and Publications and the local press and publications bureau. If the content may be published, but matters have not been reported for approval according to these Regulations, the total profits are confiscated. If matters have not been reported for approval according to these Regulations, and in addition, the content has problems as well, apart from confiscating profits and imposing the punishment of a fine, the responsibility of the publishing work unit and the relevant responsible persons will be investigated, including disciplinary punishment, the qualifications to publish this sort of book are cancelled, up to the point where the publishing work units is cancelled. If issues of law-breaking occur, the responsibility of the relevant responsible persons, including writers, must be investigated. Newspapers, magazines, audio and video products that violate the above provisions are to be handled with reference to these Regulations.

X, The controlling departments of all relevant publishers, magazines and newspapers and all provincial, autonomous region and municipal press and publications bureaus must make the management of this sort of publication into an important work and grasp it, important situations and problems must be timely reported to the local Party Committee Propaganda Department and the Administration of Press and Publications or the Central Propaganda Department.





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