Month: August 1990

Notice Concerning Stopping Import and Screening of Laser Discs (Feature Films)

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All provincial, autonomous region and municipal Party Committee Propaganda Departments, People’s Government Press and Publications Bureaus, Radio and Television Offices (Bureaus), Culture Offices (Bureaus), Public Security Offices (Bureaus), General Administration of Customs Guangzhou Division, all Customs, General Political Department Propaganda Department:

Since laser discs (feature films) are screened in our country’s public venues, developments have been swift and violent, management has lost control, which has brought about grave problems. Presently, there is no capacity in the country yet to product laser discs (feature films), only import can be depended upon, and there is no technological way to conduct editing or revision of video disc content. At the same time, large amounts of illegally imported laser discs (feature films) are gushing onto the cultural market, and are very hard to control. Under these circumstances, if no measures are adopted to determinedly stop this, laser discs (feature films) from Western countries and the Hong Kong and Taiwan Regions with vulgar style and even extremely harmful content will flood in every day, creating disastrous consequences, and will gravely strike and destroy the healthy development of our country’s film and television sector, and audiovisual sector. In order to persist in our country’s socialist orientation on the ideological and cultural battlefield, guarantee a healthy spiritual culture lift for the people, and in order to develop laser disc (feature film) creation conditions in a healthy and orderly way from now on, the Ministry of Radio, Film and Television and the Ministry of Culture have issued the “Notice Concerning Immediately Stopping Import and Screening of Foreign Laser Discs” on 12 July of this year. In order to further do this work well, the following provisions are made: Read the rest of this entry »


Provisional Management Rules concerning Taiwan Television Employees Coming to the Mainland to Produce Programmes

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22 August 1990

In order to link up the mutual understanding between people on both sides of the straits, launch television exchange with Taiwan even better, and manage the work of Taiwan television employees coming to the Mainland to produce programmes well, these Rules are formulated.

I, Taiwan television employees requiring to come to the Mainland to produce television programmes (including television dramas, scenic films, popular science films, special subject films, etc.), must put forward an application with the Hong Kong office of Xinhua, after approval by the Ministry of Radio, Film and Television, and on the basis of the notification of the Hong Kong office of Xinhua, our permit-issuing work unit in Hong Kong issues border-entry permits. Applicants shall submit: a letter of application, a letter of entrustment of their work unit, the name of the Mainland work unit that will be invited to receive or provide assistance to them (the Hong Kong office of Xinhua may also be entrusted to act as liaison for receiving and assisting work units), detailed programme production plans (scripts shall be added for television dramas), the CV of the visiting personnel, a letter of guarantee from a company in a third region and a letter of bank credit. The letter of application shall be put forward one to three months before the planned visit. Read the rest of this entry »

Some Supplementary Provisions Concerning Publishing and Issuing Works of Mao, Zhou, Liu, Zhu, Ren, Deng, Chen and Incumbent Central Committee Standing Committee Members

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Central Propaganda Department, Central Historical Document Research Centre, Administration of Press and Publications

21 August 1990

ZXF No. [1990]9

In July 1982 the Centre endorsed the Central Propaganda Department and Central Historical Document Research Centre “Report on Asking Instructions concerning Publishing, Issuing and Verification Rules for Works of Mao, Zhou, Liu, Zhu and Incumbent Central Committee Standing Committee Members”, i.e. document ZF no. [1982]33. Read the rest of this entry »

Supplementary Regulations Concerning the Implementation of a Television Drama Production Permit System

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In order to make television drama creation flourish, raise television drama technology quality, strengthen management over television drama production, our Ministry issued the “Notice Concerning the Implementation of a Television Drama Production Permit System” (RDR No. (1989)821) on 31 October 1989. In order to further implement the spirit of this document, and make the “Regulations” more operational, the following Supplementary Regulations are made: Read the rest of this entry »