Notice Concerning Stopping Import and Screening of Laser Discs (Feature Films)

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All provincial, autonomous region and municipal Party Committee Propaganda Departments, People’s Government Press and Publications Bureaus, Radio and Television Offices (Bureaus), Culture Offices (Bureaus), Public Security Offices (Bureaus), General Administration of Customs Guangzhou Division, all Customs, General Political Department Propaganda Department:

Since laser discs (feature films) are screened in our country’s public venues, developments have been swift and violent, management has lost control, which has brought about grave problems. Presently, there is no capacity in the country yet to product laser discs (feature films), only import can be depended upon, and there is no technological way to conduct editing or revision of video disc content. At the same time, large amounts of illegally imported laser discs (feature films) are gushing onto the cultural market, and are very hard to control. Under these circumstances, if no measures are adopted to determinedly stop this, laser discs (feature films) from Western countries and the Hong Kong and Taiwan Regions with vulgar style and even extremely harmful content will flood in every day, creating disastrous consequences, and will gravely strike and destroy the healthy development of our country’s film and television sector, and audiovisual sector. In order to persist in our country’s socialist orientation on the ideological and cultural battlefield, guarantee a healthy spiritual culture lift for the people, and in order to develop laser disc (feature film) creation conditions in a healthy and orderly way from now on, the Ministry of Radio, Film and Television and the Ministry of Culture have issued the “Notice Concerning Immediately Stopping Import and Screening of Foreign Laser Discs” on 12 July of this year. In order to further do this work well, the following provisions are made:

I, Immediately stopping all public venue screening of imported laser discs (feature films). These venues include specialized laser disc screening points, cinemas, theatres, culture palaces, entertainment centres as well as hotels, etc. Presently existing programmes will be sealed up respectively by the administrative management entities in charge, those with obscene or reactionary content will be confiscated by Public Security offices. After cessation of screening, relevant entities must earnestly inspect, confiscate and deal with those transferring laser discs (feature films) to videotapes without authorization.

II, All work units and all entities immediately stop import work of laser discs (feature films) (including import for rental purposes). Customs will confiscate all laser discs imported without authorization in violation of this provision.

III, Distribution of already imported laser discs (feature films) is stopped without exception.

IV, Laser discs (feature films) that are illegally smuggled onto the market will be confiscated without exception. Illegal screening points will be banned, and subject to fines or confiscation of laser discs (feature films) and their machinery and equipment. Customs must strictly inspect individuals bringing or mailing laser discs (feature films) into the country for their own use, those with prohibited content will be confiscated, and dealt with according to relevant Customs regulations. Those that are not examined may without exception not be distributed. Customs and Public Security organs must strictly attack smuggling of laser discs (feature films).

V, The above work is concretely implemented by administrative radio and television, and culture management entities according to the system. For screening units outside the two abovementioned systems, all provincial, autonomous region and municipal Party Committees and governments appoint administrative management entities that will implement this. All relevant entities must vigorously grant support and cooperation with this work. All provincial, autonomous region and municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department jointly with local audiovisual management entities are responsible for supervision and inspection of this work. Importing and screening work units violating the above provisions, taking the gravity of the circumstances into regards, will be subject to administrative punishments of confiscation of illegal income, fines, confiscation of machinery, equipment and laser discs, cessation for rectification, revocation of screening permits and business licences; administrative punishments will be imposed upon the directly responsible person in charge. Administrative punishments are imposed according to the relation of subordination, those inside the culture and radio and television systems, will be decided by all provincial, autonomous region and municipal culture offices (bureaus) or radio and television offices (bureaus), others are decided by all provincial, autonomous region and municipal Party Committee and government-assigned administrative management entities. Where relevant management entities refuse to implement or not earnestly implementing the provisions of this Notice, the disciplinary responsibility of the leader will be investigated.

VI, Where relevant provisions issued in the past by all entities,  conflict with these provisions, these provisions will be implemented.

VII, This Notice takes effect on the day of arrival. All provincial, autonomous region and municipal Party Committee Propaganda Departments must draw up a special report on the implementation of this Notice for the Central Propaganda Departments before 15 October of this year, and send a copy to the Press and Publications Administration, Ministry of Radio, Film and Television and Ministry of Culture.











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