Notice concerning Collecting Imported Audiovisual Product Examination Fees

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21 September 1990

GFLZ No. (1990)672

Ministry of Radio, Film and Television, Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Finance, State Pricing Bureau

All literature and art-type audiovisual publishing work units, the China Film Distribution and Screening Company, the China Book Import Company:

On the basis of the spirit of “audiovisual product import and export is respectively examined and approved by the Ministry of Radio, Film and Television and the Ministry of Culture […] The Ministry of Culture, within the scope provided in planning targets, examines and approves audiovisual products imported by subordinate work units” in State Commission for Public Sector Reform “Notice concerning the Issue of the Division of Work in Audio and Video Management” (GJZB No. [89]11), the Ministry of Culture has also, similar to the Ministry of Radio, Film and Television, established an audiovisual product import examination organ. After again checking and deciding the original examination fee standards of the Ministry of Radio, Film and Television, the following is hereby notified:

I, For the import of foreign, Hong Kong and Taiwan audiovisual products for domestic publishing, distribution and sales, examination fees will be collected from the applying work unit. Collected fees are earmarked for special purposes. Both functional departments that are concretely responsible for examination and approval work shall respectively apply for fee-charging permission with the Beijing Municipal Pricing Bureau, and use  uniformly printed receipts of the Ministry of Finance.

II, Examination fee collection standards are that 200 Yuan is charged per tape (units are calculated on the basis of 90 minutes, TV series or serialized plays are calculated on the basis of 60 minutes); 150 Yuan is charged per cassette audio programme tape. When applying for examination, the examination fee, submitted specimen tape and copyright materials, etc., are to be delivered at the same time.

III, Examination of imported audiovisual products by local or other audiovisual publishing work units’ higher-level controlling departments is a part of their regular administrative management work, they may not collect examination fees.

IV, Examination fee application scope: service fee for inspection personnel (remuneration), communications fee, translation fee (remuneration), equipment wear and tear, depreciation and renewal fee, market investigation and information collection, etc.

This Notice takes effect on the date of issuance, the Ministry of Radio, Film and Television “Notice concerning Collecting Video Examination Fees” (GFLZ No. [1988]105) is abolished at the same time.

CC: All provincial, autonomous region and municipal radio and television offices (bureaus), culture offices (bureaus).

广播电影电视部 文化部 财政部 国家物价局


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