Some Regulations concerning Strengthening Clean Government Construction and Rectifying Harmful Sector Tendencies

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GFJZ No. [1990]824

In order to implement the spirit of the nationwide telephone conference convened by the State Council, realistically rectify and correct harmful tendencies in the work units subordinate to the Ministry of Radio, Film and Television, according to the policies and regulations of the Central Committee and the State Council, and our Ministry’s relevant regulatory systems, targeting some prominent problems existing at present, the following Opinions are formulated, all work units must strictly obey and implement them.

I, Radio and television are the mouthpieces of Party and government. News and propaganda work units and news workers must persist in the Party’s Four Cardinal Principles, conduct news and propaganda strictly according to the Party line, principles and policies, and State laws and regulations, have social interest as their only criterion, serve the construction of a Socialist spiritual civilization and the Four Modernizations. News reports must persist in the principle of the Party nature, guarantee objectivity, truth and correctness, it is not permitted to engage in any form of paid-for news, and it is prohibited to charge fees for news; it is not permitted to use newsgathering, filming, broadcast and other work conditions, to demand or accept money from the other side; it is not permitted to accept any gifts in an attempt to influence news reporting and programme content; it is not permitted to solicit advertising in any way under the name of news or engage in “advertising” in the form of news; it is not permitted to start from the interests of small groups or individuals to decide on acceptance or rejection of news.

II, Radio stations, television stations, film, newspaper, periodical and publishing work units must, on the basis of the “Advertising Management Regulations” promulgated by the State Council, appoint special organs and personnel to run advertising operations, non-commercial advertising operation departments and personnel, may not engage in or act as agents for advertising operations without permission. When introducing advertising clients or threads for advertising, no percentages may be deducted or sales commissions drawn, it is permitted to render separate appropriate rewards to personnel making outstanding contributions in introducing advertising. In news columns or other programmes, it is permitted to carry or insert advertising under the form of news reporting. During the running of programmes, it is not permitted to interrupt the programme to broadcast advertising. it is not permitted to lengthen advertising broadcast time as one pleases or expand advertising space. News journalists and editing personnel may not solicit for advertising or engage in other activities for commercial gain under the guise of newsgathering.

III, All work units must, on the basis of the “Provisional Ministry of Radio, Film and Television Regulations on Strengthening Management over Organising Support Activities”, promulgated on 6 January 1990, strengthen leadership and management over support activities. Work units that are not permitted to organize support or support advertising activities, may not organize covert support activities for any reason. Work units organizing support or support advertising must persist in the principle of voluntary acting towards enterprises and individuals providing support, and may not force, allot or demand money in any form.

Organization of support activities must be organized and planned in advance, and reported for approval according to regulations. Support funding revenues and expenditures must be entered into ledgers and brought into the financial management of that work unit, it is not permitted to establish bank accounts without authorization, lend accounts from outside work units, or privately collect public funds under any excuse. Support funds must be guaranteed to be mainly used to develop the undertaking, it is not permitted to spend them arbitrarily, squander or waste them; it is not permitted to withhold or divert them; it is not permitted to deduct percentages or take commissions. Support funds and goods may not be divided privately or be distributed as prizes or awards.

IV, On the basis of relevant Central Committee and State Council regulations, the propaganda, publishing, scientific research, education and other undertaking work units of radio, film and television departments, under the presupposition of completing their own work, may engage in technology transfer, consulting service, personnel training and other income-earning activities geared towards society, but may not engage in business activities that have no relationship with the work of those work units. All levels’ administrative management departments may not use registration, examination, licensing, inspection or other duties as ways to earn income or collect fees, apportion expenses or impose fines arbitrarily. Where it is truly necessary for work to collect a certain amount of expenses, it must be approved by higher-level leading or controlling departments. Publishing work units are not permitted to seek illegal gain through “selling book numbers”, covertly “selling book numbers” or other means. All levels’ leading cadres engaging in film inspection, manuscript inspection, programme supervision, comparative assessment and other activities within the scope of their work, may not engage in collecting additional remuneration.

All income collected by all work units, shall be completely brought into the financial management of those work units, and mainly be used as funding for the development of the undertaking. Collective benefits and award funds’ retained proportions are to be dealt with according to the “Ministry of Radio and Television Undertaking Work Unit Budget Responsibilities, Expense Reduction and Income Preservation Proportion Trial Rules” of 25 September 1985. Financial revenues and expenditures related to earned income must be accounted for independently, taxes must be paid as required, and economic responsibility borne; income allocation must be implemented according to relevant regulations of the Ministry of Finance. Where any equipment, transport tools, premises etc. of any work units is used for paid services, the income must be put into public funds, it is not permitted to use work units’ materials, equipment, transport tools, premises and other conditions to seek private gain for small groups or individuals.

V, Work units related to film or television producing television dramas, must have a television drama production permit issued by the Ministry. The permit may not be sold, rented our lent out, transferred or covertly transferred. Film studios having been approved by the State Council to shoot feature films, may not “sell studio logos” or covertly “sell studio logos”.

The film production remuneration of film studios and all sorts of royalty standards is to be implemented according to the “Provisional Feature Film Production Remuneration Regulations” and the “Provisional Education Film Production Remuneration Regulations” promulgated by the Ministry of Radio, Film and Television and the Ministry of Finance on 8 October 1987, as well as the provisional regulations concerning revising all sorts of remunerations for feature films and education films promulgated by the Ministry on 20 September 1990. Television drama production groups spending standards shall be implemented according to the “Provisional Television Drama Production Cost Spending Standard Regulations” promulgated on 1 November 1987 by the Ministry of Radio, Film and Television and the Ministry of Finance; if there are special circumstances and expenses need to be increased, the higher-level leading department must approve this. Production groups must strictly implement all financial rules, and are not permitted to set up their own standards, issue subsidies, issue materials or make payments arbitrarily, squander or waste things. The financial personnel of production groups shall be dispatched by that work unit, to strengthen financial supervision, it is not permitted to employ temporary personnel or borrow personnel from other work units to manage financial affairs. Production groups going abroad for shooting may not request the host organization to receive guests in excess of quota or demand assets for any reason.

All work units’ administrative leading and supervision, audit and financial departments must strengthen supervision and inspection of the implementation situation of the above Regulations. Work units or individuals violating the Regulations may be punished according to the “Provisional State Council Administrative Organ Work Personnel Corruption and Bribery Administrative Punishment Regulations”, the “State Council Provisional Regulations concerning Punishment for Violation of Financial Regulations” and relevant laws and regulations.

Ministry of Radio, Film and Television



二、广播电台、电视台、电影、报刊、出版单位,必须根据国务院发布的《 广告管理条例 》,确定专门机构和人员经营广告业务,非经营广告业务的部门和个人,未经批准不得经营或代理广告业务。介绍广告客户或广告线索,不得提成或提取回扣,对介绍广告有突出贡献的人员,可以另行给予适当奖励。在新闻栏目或其他节目中,不得以新闻报道的形式刊播或插播广告。节目进行中,不得中断节目播出广告。不得随意延长广告播放时间或扩大广告版面。新闻记者和编辑人员,不得借采访名义招揽广告或从事其他经营牟利活动。










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